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Rachael Culley
Emerging International Voices

Curates collections and digital content in the library and cultural sector. Passionate about literature in the Americas, dance and musical theatre, and all-things bibliophilic.

Rachael Culley private What’s a library to you?

A library, wherever it is, is my happy place; a place to lose yourself and find yourself all at the same time.

What’s the single most essential thing you need in your everyday work?

A positive mental attitude! The world of social media can be a difficult one to navigate and each day can be a rollercoaster. It’s important to learn as much as you can from the ever-changing digital landscape and not beat yourself up too much during the trickier moments (the latter is easier said than done!).

What was the most memorable experience you ever had in a library?

Meeting Dr Carla Hayden, the 14th Librarian of Congress. Dr Hayden is a total inspiration; she was so warm and welcoming, and has so much knowledge to share about libraries and their ever-growing importance. I’ll never forget spending time with her and her team when they visited the British Library – I came away buzzing!

On Social Media

Rachael Culley - Emerging International Voices for Library Advocacy. The Goethe-Institut Programme with IFLA Goethe-Institut | created with Canva | CC BY 4.0

Keeping the library ‘digitally open’

Rachael Culley gives a behind-the-scenes tour of the social media strategy of the British Library and tells what the most important learnings from the content production during the lockdown were.