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Rita Aleixo
Emerging International Voices

A young librarian passionate about rare and old books, and excited to learn more about the digital world.

Rita Aleixo private What’s a library to you? 

To me, a library is whatever you are searching for. It is the place where you come to fill what is missing at that moment, be it culture, leisure or study.  

What’s the single most essential thing you need in your everyday work?

In my everyday work, I always have to listen to music. I love singing, I even play a few instruments, so I have some trouble functioning properly without a beat! 

What was the most memorable experience you ever had in a library?  

As a user, watching some of the biggest comedies like Monty Python’s Holy Grail at the school library, with my now husband. As a librarian, probably cataloguing Diderot’s Encyclopédie and having the chance to discover some rare and/or beautiful books like Conrad Gessner or Piranesi’s works.
Rita Margarida Oliveira Aleixo - Emerging International Voices for Library Advocacy. The Goethe-Institut Programme with IFLA Goethe-Institut | created with Canva | CC BY 4.0

The digital yellow brick road: Portuguese libraries’ journey

The Portuguese National Library was the pioneer of digital libraries in Portugul. In less than two decades, its digital library evolved from a small digital collection to a large network and content aggregator - setting the standard for other libraries in the country.