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Tipp Talk: Episode 1
with Ditte Engels Hermansen

© Goethe-Institut

That’s not how the bunny hops

Do you use the German verb “saugen” or “lutschen” in relation to the word “titties”? Answering such questions is Ditte Engels Hermansen's job, who moved from Copenhagen to Germany three years ago. She translates books from German into Danish and writes on her blog litteraturdk about Danish and German literature with a special focus on pop cultural themes. Currently, she is working on the translation of the bestselling novel "Identitti" by Mithu Sanyal. In the process, she keeps coming across large and small quirks of the German language and has grown to love them.

Listen to the current episode of Tipp Talk to hear Rumbie’s and Ditte’s conversation to find out why "Vergangenheitsbewältigung" is one of Ditte’s favourite words - and why she sometimes misses “Fremdschämen” in Denmark.