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Jacqueline Caux
Exhibition "Techno Worlds"

Jacqueline Caux, Never Stop: une musique qui résiste, 2017, documentary, 80 min, film still © Jacqueline Caux

Never Stop – Une musique qui résiste

Never Stop – Une musique qui résiste (Never Stop - A Music That Resists) (2017) allows us to uncover a paradoxical story: how the liberating force of the musical movement known as Detroit Techno and the independent labels founded by its pioneers gave rise to a counterculture that echoed around the world. How a creative force based on new ways of thinking, oriented towards the world of technology and electronic communication, made an economic utopia a reality. How the only way out of an unbearable everyday life for these musicians was to develop techniques that allowed them to live out an exuberant creativity and freedom while retaining endearing human qualities. How the attitude and approach that they have exhibited in their labels, which have now existed for thirty years, can still serve as a model to this day. And how, finally, the city of Detroit is coming back to life after many years of decline.


Jacqueline Caux is a filmmaker, independent documentary producer and writer. She lives and works in Paris. Jacqueline Caux has been involved in organising several contemporary music festivals and has directed experimental short films as well as music films that have been screened and awarded at numerous international festivals.

As a filmmaker and author, she has published books of interviews with unconventional artists of the second half of the twentieth century. She has also produced spoken-word programmes for the French radio station France Culture.