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Mamba Negra
Exhibition "Techno Worlds"

Mamba Negra, MO(N)STRA – Space occupation, 2021, poster, flag, video Photo: Julia Thompson. Photo assistant: Marina Lima


Occupying Space in 3 Works

A flag moves from Latin America to Europe.
A programme disseminates the spaces materialised in video.
A manifesto to be appropriated individually or collectively.

01 / We Want to Realise our Desires
The flag is a symbol for the occupation of territory.
This flag is the embodied territory of our desires.

Our flag is red – with its legs spread open.
The red evokes different reactions.
The red cannot be ignored.

The flag is a collective compilation of the everyday spectacle, between the absurd industrialism and the fantastic realism of the tropics.
It is a love story woven by many hands, machines and contradictions.

02 / Programme
This video shows dozens of places in São Paulo where various editions of independent electronic parties have been taking place since 2013. Shut-down factories used as car parks, deteriorated buildings, abandoned houses, fenced-in public spaces, walled-off parks… hundreds of faces of a single command: real-estate speculation in the largest city in South America.

The images of these empty spaces prompt words from the audience and actors in the scene.

There have been so many attempts – by us and by others – to capture in images what these independent parties mean. Absence becomes the engine that invents the past-present-future.

03 / Manifest Booty
A printed mural with the graphic design of MAMBA NEGRA's manifesto Poétyko.

A series of hundreds of posters made in Brazil and printed in Europe with the aim of disseminating them throughout the world. These posters are part of the installation and can be taken, free of charge, by visitors of the exhibition.



MAMBA NEGRA is an independent party series founded in May 2013 by women and LGBTQIA+ in the electronic-music scene in São Paulo, Brazil. Over its eight years of existence and resistance, MAMBA has become a platform that realizes, recognizes and fights for the activities of women, Black people and LGBTQIA+. Stemming from the collective have been Radio Vírusss (2015), the label MAMBAREC (2016) and the music group TETO PRETO (2014).