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Frequently Asked Questions

The Goethe-Instituts abroad define the focal points of the cultural programme work. The individual projects are then organized in close cooperation with local organizations (museums, galleries, academies of art, etc.) and individuals (artists, curators, journalists, etc.). The joint projects developed by the institutes and their partner organizations can cover any of the various branches or eras of German art. The focus, however, falls on projects that help to present innovative aesthetic or substantive aspects of contemporary German art to the wider world.

The Visual Arts Division at the Goethe-Institut's headquarters in Munich follows the latest developments on the German arts scene and is able to provide the institutes outside of Germany with detailed information. The division draws on the support of an independent advisory body made up of well-known figures from the visual arts scene in Germany.
Matters relating to visual arts projects taking place outside of Germany should be addressed to the relevant Goethe Institut abroad, which will then decide whether the project fits with its strategies and goals and whether it can be included in its programme of cultural events. The institutes are open to ideas for new projects from artists and curators in Germany or from partner organizations within their particular region. However, in order to support a project, the institutes must be involved in its planning and development from the initial stages, so that they can actively help to shape its content. The Goethe Institut cannot provide last-minute financial assistance for art projects organized by third parties.

The Visual Arts Division in Munich is not in a position to place exhibitions by German artists with galleries or institutions abroad.
The Visual Arts Division works together with the institutes outside Germany and with its advisory body to identify possible themes for the exhibitions. It then initiates and designs touring exhibitions that are shown worldwide or within a particular region. In most cases the division collaborates with major German cultural organizations in order to produce the exhibitions.
The focus of the work in the field of Visual Arts is on international projects and events. Therefore even projects that are occasionally held within Germany always originate from cooperation with a Goethe-Institut abroad. The Visual Arts Division does not promote projects within Germany.