Villa Waldberta, Feldafing bei München (Bavaria)

Villa Waldberta, Feldafing bei München; Copyright: Villa Waldberta Disciplines and media:
all art genres and culture-related disciplines

Services and facilities offered:

  • Accommodation
  • Duration of residency: 1-3 months
  • 1.000 € per month
Eligibility and conditions:
  • Unsolicited applications are not accepted
  • Participants are proposed by experts from the Munich Department of Culture, municipal cultural institutions and partner organizations
  • Guests’ work should relate to Munich’s cultural environment and art scene
  • Grant holders are involved in a planned or current cultural project (exhibition, programme of events, concert, festival etc.)
Deadline for applications:
  • Not stated
Application materials:
  • See "Eligibility and conditions"
Villa Waldberta
Höhenbergstr. 25
D-82340 Feldafing
phone +49 8157 925828-0
fax: +49 8157 925828-33