Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus, Schwandorf (Bavaria)

Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus (Kebbel-Villa) in Schwandorf, Bavaria Copyright: Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus Disciplines and media: visual arts, literature, music

Services and facilities offered

  • Accommodation and studio space
  • Residency forms part of an exchange programme with other artists’ houses
  • Duration of residency: approx. 6-8 weeks
  • Print workshop, facilities for lithography and etching
  • Member of 'Res Artis' (www.resartis.org
  • Selection process carried out in cooperation with international project partners
Eligibility and conditions 
  • Open to international artists
  • Residence is compulsory
  • Interested artists should contact an artists’ house in their own country
Deadline for applications
  • ongoing
Application materials:
  • See 'Eligibility and conditions'
Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus
Fronberger Str. 31
D-92421 Schwandorf
phone +49 9431 9716
fax +49 9431 96311