Schleswig-Holsteinisches Künstlerhaus Eckernförde (Schleswig-Holstein)

Künstlerhaus Eckernförde; Copyright: Schleswig-Holsteinisches Künstlerhaus e.V. Disciplines and media:
visual arts, literature, music

Services and facilities offered:

  • Accommodation and studio space
  • Project grant: 750 € per month (less 125 € for use of studio space)
  • Duration of residency: 3, 4 or 6 months

Conditions of participation: 

  • Open to international artists
  • No age limit
  • Preference will be given to projects related to the town of Eckernförde and the surrounding area
Deadline for applications:
  • See website
Application materials:
  • Only Online-Application possible
Schleswig-Holsteinisches Künstlerhaus e.V.
Ottestr. 1
D-24340 Eckernförde
Tel. +49 4351 710170
Fax +49 4351 710199
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