Edith-Ruß-Haus für Künstlerstätte Stuhr-Heiligenrode (Lower Saxony)

Künstlerstätte Stuhr-Heiligenrode; Copyright: Rathaus Stuhr Disciplines and media: visual arts

Services and facilities offered:

  • Accommodation and studio space
  • 1400 € per month (less 75 € for ancillary expenses)
  • Duration of residency: 10 months
  • Exhibition at the end of the residency period with contribution towards production of a catalogue
Eligibility and conditions: 
  • Only open to emerging young artists in Lower Saxony
  • Residence is compulsory
Deadline for applications:
  • See website
Application materials:
  • Curriculum vitae and portfolio
Fachdienst Kultur & Städtepartnerschaften
Rathaus Stuhr
Blockener Str. 6
D-28816 Stuhr
phone +49 421 5695-246
fax +49 421 5695-9246