Photography Guide


  • Bauhaus-Archiv: Museum für Gestaltung: Fotografie The collection includes approximately 5000 prints by 117 photographers connected directly or indirectly with the Bauhaus, together with approximately 1500 original negatives. The largest single batch of material constitutes the artistic estate of Lucia Moholy with her photographic documentation of Bauhaus buildings and products.
  • Berlinische Galerie: Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur: Fotografische Sammlung Berlin’s Museum of Modern Art, Photography and Architecture collects everything from the work of Berlin’s early daguerrotypers right through to the work of contemporary photographers. Emphasis chiefly on portrait photography and on architectural and urban photography. Special interest: Berlin’s contribution to the development of photography.
  • Deichtorhallen Hamburg: Internationales Haus der Photographie, Internationale Kunst In 2003 the southern "Deichtorhalle" in Hamburg was transformed into an „International House of Photography“. Its aim is to promote photography in the broadest sense of the term, and to act as a forum for past, present and future aspects of the medium through temporary exhibitions, symposia, and supporting programmes. Amongst the holdings is the collection of F.C. Gundlach, the Founding Director: 12,000 works from the realms of documentary, fashion and art photography.
  • Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich Internationally oriented covering the period from 1900 to the present. With over 70,000 objects from the areas of industrial design, graphics design, photography and arts and crafts, Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich is one of the world’s leading museums of 20th century applied art. Permanent and temporary exhibitions in the Pinakothek der Moderne (i.e. museum of modern art) in Munich, in the Neues Museum – Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design (i.e new museum – state museum of art and design) – in Nuremberg as well as in Weiden.
  • Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (FFF) Since its foundation in 1984, the FFF has specialised in photography of international quality, be it contemporary or historical. Highly diverse aspects of the medium are included: work by photo-journalists, but also examples from the worlds of fashion photography, art photography, science and advertising. Extensive exhibition programme.
  • Fotografische Sammlung im Museum Folkwang, Essen The Photographic Collection has been an independent entity within the Folkwang Museum since 1979. The collection has an international bent, concentrating particularly on the ’20s, the post-war period, and contemporary work. It now includes more than 50,000 photographs, and various artistic estates.
  • Fotomuseum im Münchner Stadtmuseum, Munich Founded in 1963, the collection has enormous holdings, including cameras, technical equipment, and more than 500,000 photographs. It has extensive portfolios and archives deriving from major photographers of the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart Opened in 1996, this museum is specifically dedicated to contemporary art. Its credo is to not only display works of art, but also reflect phenomena embraced by today’s more inclusive conception of art: photography, media, everyday culture, performance art, readings etc.
  • Haus der Fotografie Dr. Robert-Gerlich-Museum, Burghausen Founded in 1983, the museum collects photographs from the earliest beginnings right through to the present day, with particular emphasis on the photographic history of Burghausen. The collection of contemporary photographs is constantly being added to.
  • Helmut Newton Stiftung, Berlin This foundation, established in 2003, hosts alternating exhibitions which show not only photographies by Helmut Newton and his wife June (Alice Springs), but by other artists as well.
  • Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg With its highly variegated programme the Museum aims to serve as a showcase for contemporary art from anywhere in the world. Photography and the other new media are a permanent element in its repertoire. Its broad range of exhibitions presents the work of the classic giants of modern art, and also of contemporary artists, be they innovative young bloods or figures who already enjoy a solid international reputation.
  • Kunst.Museum.Dieselkraftwerk.Cottbus, Sammlung Fotografie Photography was added to the museum’s repertoire in 1979. The collection was built up chiefly through the purchase of works by contemporary photographers within the former GDR. Since the reunification of Germany, however, contemporary trends in western Germany and abroad have also been included.
  • Kupferstichkabinett, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden The Print Room of the Dresden State Art Collections includes a 14,000-strong collection of art photography, first started as early as 1899. The chief emphasis is on photography in Dresden from the beginnings to the present day.
  • Museum für Fotografie, Berlin The idea behind this museum was to bring together the various photography-related elements that had previously been scattered across Berlin’s State Museums and locate them in a single centre combining exhibition space, archive storage and research facilities. Besides exhibition rooms and archive storage areas, the museum is intended to have a reference library, a restoration laboratory, and an educational department with a photo lab for demonstrating photographic techniques.
  • Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig The main emphases of the collection are the beginnings of photography, the 1920s and ’30s, and the present day. The museum’s long-term plan is to build up a permanent exhibition illustrating not only the history of photographs as such, but also the technical history and cultural significance of photography.
  • Museum Ludwig Cologne One of the first contemporary art museums to establish a separate photography section. Begun in 1977 with the acquisition of the Gruber Collection, the museum’s photographic collection has been continuously expanded through the addition of high-quality material. It currently includes some 10,000 photographs, combining both applied photography in its various forms — advertising, photo-journalism, fashion — and work by representatives of the Russian avant garde, conceptual art, and contemporary art photography.
  • Pinakothek der Moderne, Fotosammlung, Munich Photographic works by contemporary artists; collection begun in the early 1990s. By acquiring the photography collection of the Siemens Arts Program on permanent loan, the "Pinakothek der Moderne" gained important holdings of contemporary international photography.
  • SK Stiftung Kultur, Köln The photographic collection at "Stiftung Kultur" has two core elements: the artistic estate of the German photographer August Sander, acquired in 1992, and the German Photography Society’s collection (DGPh), purchased in 1993. Centred on Germany, it offers a conspectus not only of art photography but also of scientific, technical and journalistic photography.
  • Sprengel Museum Hannover In 1993 the Sprengel Museum established a separate photography and media department. A year earlier the Museum had also acquired the important collection of Ann and Jürgen Wilde on permanent loan (Albert Renger-Patzsch, Karl Blossfeldt et al.). A key objective of the Sprengel collection is to accumulate portfolios of work by international photographers active since the mid-1970s.
  • Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich Since the 1970s the Museum has used its exhibitions to highlight the most influential artists and artistic tendencies within the international contemporary art scene; it has also begun its own collection of contemporary art, including photography. Its acquisitions policy is to concentrate on the work of individual artists and photographers.
  • Stadtmuseum Dresden Approximately 200,000 photographs and postcards. The collection concentrates chiefly on views of the city, major events in the city’s history, portraits of Dresden personalities, and works by Dresden photographers.
  • Stiftung Haus der Geschichte, Bonn The collection documents highlights of post-1945 history, and also concentrates on the history of the everyday, with particular reference to photographs reflecting social change, and on aesthetically outstanding examples of photography throughout the period.
  • Stiftung Moritzburg, Halle: Kunstmuseum des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt Owned ultimately by the Museum of Art of Sachsen-Anhalt, this free-standing collection of approximately 50,000 photographs was begun in 1986 when the Museum was gifted the artistic estate of the Swiss photographer Hans Finsler. The collection concentrates chiefly on avant garde photography of the 20th century, and East German and eastern European photography from 1945.
  • Zeiler Fotomuseum, Zeil Originally a private collection. Main emphasis: film and photo equipment and technology from the earliest days to the present.

Associations / Agencies

  • ADF Arbeitskreis digitale Fotografie e.V. A non-profit organisation, the ADF seeks to promote the cause of digital photography and digital image processing by holding seminars and other events, and by checking and testing digital photography equipment.
  • architekturbild e.v., Bonn Founded 2003. Society in support of an artistic critique through photography of the built environment. Offers European Prize Of Architectural Photography.
  • AWI Arbeitskreis Werbe-, Mode-, Industriefotografie Association for professional photographers in advertising, fashion and industry. Sees itself as a network serving the needs and concerns of its members.
  • BFF Bund Freischaffender Foto-Designer e.V. Professional association for freelance photographers and lecturers in photography. Organizes international conferences, awards scholarships and publishes its own series of specialist books.
  • BildForum e.V.: Zentrum für Fotografie und Bildmedien, Herten Association founded in 1993. Sees itself in both conceptual and cultural terms as a forum for photography. It seeks to enhance the prestige and status of photography as an integral part of modern culture, and as a medium for art and for international understanding.
  • CV Centralverband Deutscher Berufsfotografen Founded in 1904, CV’s mission is to support businesses in the photographic trade and to represent their interests in the economic and political domains. It is the umbrella organisation for regional trade-guild associations and for trade guilds across Germany as a whole, and is funded by them and by individual members and honorary members.
  • Deutsche Fotografische Akademie e.V., Leinfelden-Echterdingen Originally founded in 1919 as the Gesellschaft deutscher Lichtbildner („Society of German Photographers“). Concentrates mainly on art photography and its concerns, and seeks to promote this form of photography. In this it takes due account both of traditional kinds of images and of new forms and techniques.
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie e.V. Open forum for everyone interested in photography. Chiefly promotes the cultural aspects of photography and related media. Puts on various public events in order to contribute to current socially relevant debates. Offers various prizes and awards.
  • Deutscher Verband für Fotografie e.V. (DVF) Open to everyone interested in photography. Regards itself as Germany’s representative within the FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique). International umbrella organisation for creative photography, including exhibition and competition photography. Publishes the magazine Photographie.
  • FFA Fördergemeinschaft Fotografische Ausbildung e.V. Founded in 1984. Aimed at all photographers, photographic designers and photographic assistants still under training, regardless of the mode of training involved. A specialist symposium is held every year in Bielefeld on current issues in professional photography.
  • FreeLens Verein der Fotojournalistinnen und Fotojournalisten e.V. Founded in 1995, the association defends the interests of the profession. The FreeLens website provides members with information on fees, taxation, insurance and contracts, and also provides them with a platform for marketing their services,
  • Kasseler Fotoforum The club’s main focus is on historic and current photography in the city of Kassel and its region with the aim to foster an awareness for the artistic and cultural importance of this medium.
  • Ostkreuz: Agentur der Fotografen, Berlin Founded by seven Berlin photographers in 1990, the agency is now one of the best known in Germany. It offers a wide range of subjects on the basis of commissions or own production: portrait, photoessay, report, landscape, architecture, panoramas, travel, fashion and stills.
  • PIC Professional Imagers Club Voluntary association of photographers, photographic designers, photo labs, advertising agencies, graphics companies, and the computer, multimedia, pre-press and printing sector. Encourages contact and exchange of information and experience between practitioners, manufacturers and providers of digital technology within the areas of photography, graphic design, pre-press, printing and multi-media.
  • Pixelprojekt Ruhrgebiet Digital collection of photographs connected to the Ruhr. In a project that began in early 2004, extremely diverse photographic takes on various aspects of the Ruhr area have been brought together and made available in an online photo gallery. A selection panel decides which images are to be included in the collection.


  • : Fotostudium Portal that includes a section headed Fotostudium listing links relating to training opportunities; the links are accompanied by detailed commentaries.


  • Fotobild: die deutsche Fotografenmesse, Berlin The main aim of this annual photo-fair is to bring photographers in direct contact with those professionally using, buying or collecting photography. The programme includes portfolio viewings; opportunities for the broader public to buy photographic works; exhibitions in partnership with institutions involved in photography; training seminars; platform discussions.
  • Fototfestival Mannheim / Ludwigshafen / Heidelberg Held with great success in Herten since 1991, this International Photography Festival — organised by "BildForum" — will take place in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen from 2005 onwards. Its aim is to make people more aware of photography, to sharpen their eye for its unique and particular qualities, and to help them get their bearings amidst the never-ending flood of images characteristic of our age.
  • Internationale Foto-Triennale, Esslingen am Neckar The sixth Triennial took place in 2004. The main exhibition site is Esslingen’s Villa Merkel/Bahnwärterhaus complex. Each Triennial has a specific theme and an extensive supporting programme.
  • Kölner Photo Börse Started in 1990, this is North Rhine Westphalia’s largest photographic „flea market“.Held on two successive Sundays each year, the market offers a large range of items: photographic collectables, second-hand cameras and accessories, photographs, specialist literature. Free valuations of equipment etc.
  • Photokina, Köln Begun in 1950, is held every two years, and is regarded as the photographic and imaging industry’s leading trade-fair. Offers professionals and amateurs alike a comprehensive showcase of photographic and imaging media, technologies and markets.
  • Triennale der Photographie, Hamburg Founded in 1999 with a view to offering an appropriate platform for the otherwise somewhat neglected world of art photography. The festival is held every three years in partnership with various museums, institutes and galleries in and around Hamburg, each festival having its own specific theme.

Competitions / Scholarships

  • Fotowettbewerbe und Stipendien Detailed checklist of current competitions, awards, prizes and grants for amateurs, professionals and aspiring professionals. Names of prizewinners announced on conclusion of competitions.

German-Language Journals

  • Camera Austria International 4 issues per year. Austrian magazine encompassing artistic and theoretical aspects of photography within the context of contemporary art, new media and societal develompments. Particular focus on current approaches. Calendar of exhibitions, book reviews and news.
  • Eikon: Internationale Zeitschrift für Fotografie und Medienkunst 4 issues per year. Austrian magazine specifically devoted to issues concerning art photography and media art, with a particular emphasis on interactions between different media. The magazine sees it as an important part of its mission to support young photographers and media artists.
  • European Photography: the international art magazine for contempory photography and new media 2 issues per year. Articles in German and English. Edited and published by Andreas Müller-Pohle, the magazine has two main sections: the first and bigger one presents the work of contemporary photographers; the second looks at relevant new publications.
  • Fotogeschichte: Beiträge zur Geschichte und Ästhetik der Fotografie 4 issues per year. Scholarly periodical focussing on photographic topics in their historical context. Interested in the social, political and aesthetic circumstances underlying photographic images, and regards the history of photography as an integral element of cultural history. Each issue is devoted to a specific theme and contains scholarly articles and reviews of books and exhibitions.
  • Fotointern. Digital imaging 20 issues per year. Swiss magazine providing information for professional photographers and for the photographic trade and industry. Emphasis on the technical aspects of photography.
  • Newsletter Fotografie Is disseminated gratis once a month in email form giving dates of forthcoming events etc. involving photography, with an emphasis on photo workshops and photo tours, courses and training opportunities in photography, competitions and scholarships, festivals and the photo-art market. Service provided by the photography portal "".
  • Photographie 10 issues per year. International magazine for photography and digital imaging. Its topics include the teaching of photography, picture composition, aesthetics, equipment tests, reader initiatives, portfolios, news items, consumer advice, and reports. The website lists numerous links relating to photography: exhibitions, competitions, clubs and associations, picture agencies etc.
  • Photography-now: Journal for Photography and Videoart 4 issues per year. Offers an illustrated and annotated exhibition calendar covering all the German-speaking countries. Each issue also includes a portfolio of a specific photographer’s work, plus sections headed „Institution“, „Interview“ and „Publication“. The website is intended as an internationalonline platform for exhibitions, institutions and events.
  • Photonews: Zeitung für Fotografie 10 issues per year. Large in format, matching its self-description as a „newspaper“, this journal aims to cover all current developments in the photography world; exhibition reviews, features on individual photographers, book reviews, university news, competitions. Concentrates mainly on the German-speaking area.
  • Schwarzweiss: das Magazin für Fotografie 6 issues per year. Specialist magazine devoted to black and white photography. Includes portfolios, reports on technical and practical issues, and reviews of current exhibitions.

Online Services

  • Online portal offering extensive information and links pertaining to all aspects of photography. Page headings include Current Issues, Photo Events, Photography Courses, Photography Books, Photography Magazines, Photo Competitions. Provides a monthly newsletter.
  • Fotokritik Blog on photography and digital visual media in contemporary art. The blog sees itself as a „permanent construction site“ and platform for controversial thoughts on photography and its artists.
  • FotoMedienPortal e.V.: Braunschweig, Wolfsburg und Region Information-portal on photography in Braunschweig, Wolfsburg and the respective regions.
  • Comprehensive information on photography in the region and city of Dresden.
  • Photographie Online The online version offers a welter of information on all aspects of photography: calendar of current and forthcoming exhibitions, book reviews, equipment test reports, workshops, competitions, clubs and associations, picture agencies etc.
  • Photography now
    The international online platform for Photography and Video art
    International portal run by Photography now, the Berlin agency for photography and video art. Listings are accepted from galleries, museums, art showrooms, art associations, cultural foundations, auction houses, trade fairs and festivals, publishers, book shops and antiquarians, and service providers within the sector. Offers a wide range of services.