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Hospitality beyond borders
Europe´s Kitchen Palermo with Gèraldine Schwarz

The Coronavirus epidemic has highlighted the vulnerabilities of a globalized food system. In addition to the public health crises, other dangers threaten the food security of European citizens. Géraldine Schwarz aims to draw attention to the crucial value of local supply for our future.

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Géraldine Schwarz
La Vucciria

It’s a combination of magic and reality. Boxes with fruits and vegetables, fireworks of colour, stalls of fish so fresh they look alive, a massive piece of meat hanging from a hook, cheese as far as the eye can see, and amidst this abundance Sicilians doing their shopping – above all we see a woman from behind in a pale green dress whose curves are at the very heart of the painting.  All the senses awaken. One feels like touching, smelling, getting intoxicated by the tastes and scents. The realism of the painting conveys the illusion that all you have to do is open a door to enter this iconic market in Palermo, immortalised by the Sicilian painter Renato Guttuso in a monumental piece: La Vucciria. Under his brush, the miracle that emanates from the blessed land of Sicily, its sensual fauna and flora, are raised to a work of art. They are the sacred bond that unites mankind with nature.

  • Tornerà Vucciria - Di Maggio
    Tornerà Vucciria (Vucciria Returns)
    Rosaria Di Maggio
  • Radici umane -Lombardo
    Radici Umane (Human roots)
    Federica Lombardo
  • La Specisteria - Adragna
    La Specisterìa (The Species Trade)
    Giorgia Adragna
  • A nuatri ni piaci fari Vucciria - Lucchese
    A nuatri ni piaci fari Vucciria (We like to make chaos)
    Irene Lucchese
  • Panelle e Cazzilli - Zappulla
    Panelle e Cazzilli (Panelle and Cazzilli)
    Roberta Zappulla
  • La Vanniata nel silenzio - Privitera
    La vanniata nel silenzio (The market cries in silence)
    Salvatore Privitera
  • Distopico Vucciria - Sansone
    Distopico Vucciria - Alessandro Sansone


Géraldine Schwarz

Géraldine Schwarz © Mathias Bothor 2018
Géraldine Schwarz is a German-French author, journalist and documentary filmmaker. She is a committed European, publishes and intervenes in many countries on topics such as memory work, democracy and populism. Her book Those Who Forget: One Family's Story; A Memoir, a History, a Warning, which has been translated into ten languages, has received, among other awards, the European Book Prize. Along three generations of her family, the author traces the reappraisal of the past in Germany and compares it with France and other European countries.