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Hospitality beyond borders
Rosaria Di Maggio

Tornerà Vucciria© Rosaria Di Maggio

Title: Tornerà Vucciria (Vucciria Returns)
Technique: Digital drawing from bitmap on photography

Tornerà Vucciria

My project aims at the realisation of a photograph, which was then digitally processed to give life and movement back to a place from which the "Vucciria" (the chaos), the babble of voices and movement have been wrested today.

The digital processing of a photograph taken especially for this purpose today is intended to highlight the difference between the time when Guttuso created his work and the present day. The black-and-white photograph sees this place strangely abandoned and wrapped in a deafening silence, which seems to wrest both its name and its true being from the place...VUCCIRIA.