The 2017 Berlinale Bloggers

Berlinale 2017 © Lea Delazer

Berlin will be playing host to the world of film when the 67th Berlinale comes to town from 9 to 19 February 2017. On behalf of the Goethe-Institut, twelve bloggers and film journalists from around the world will be our Berlinale Bloggers, reporting on the international film festival from a multinational perspective.

What makes the Berlinale special for the Brazilian blogger, and how does her view differ from the Italian perspective? And what strikes the Australian blogger as interesting about the German submissions? Which trends in the film world make the Spanish journalist optimistic? And what does the blogger from the UK think about this? To what extent do the experts feel influenced by their own cultural background?
The 2017 Berlinale Bloggers are from Egypt, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Norway, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. A multinational team, they will be out and about in Berlin, searching for fascinating stories in the cinema theatres and behind the festival scenes. They will be jointly reflecting on their impressions against the backdrop of their own cultures.

Sarah Ward – Australia

Sarah Ward Photo: © Darren Ward is a freelance film critic, arts writer and film festival organizer. She is the Australia-based critic for Screen International, a film reviewer and feature writer for ArtsHub, the weekend editor and a senior writer for Concrete Playground, and a contributor to SBS, Metro Magazine and Screen Education. She is also the editor of Trespass Magazine and a film and TV critic for ABC radio Brisbane.
Twitter: @swardplay

Camila Gonzatto – Brazil

Camila Gonzatto Photo: © Private writes and directs films for cinema and television. She took a master’s degree in creative writing at PUCRS University in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and wrote her PhD thesis in that field within the framework of an academic exchange with Freie Universität Berlin.
Twitter: @camila_gonzatto
Instagram: @camilagonzatto

Jutta Brendemühl – Canada

Jutta Brendemühl Photo: © Goethe-Institut is the Goethe-Institut Toronto’s Program Curator and year-round blogger at GermanFilm@Canada. Jutta is lucky enough to love what she does: arts and cultural programming across the genres and through a global lens. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with Bernardo Bertolucci, Robert Rauschenberg, Wim Wenders, Pina Bausch and other luminaries. She has an M.A. in English Literature.
Twitter: @JuttaBrendemuhl

Yun-hua Chen – China

Yun-hua Chen Photo: © Private studied in Taipei, France and Scotland. She obtained her PhD in Film Studies at the University of St Andrews (Scotland). Currently based in Berlin, she writes for a range of journals and regularly gives talks at international conferences and film seminars. In December 2016, Neofelis Verlag published her monograph “Mosaic Space and Mosaic Auteurs: On the Cinema of Alejandro González Iñárritu, Atom Egoyan, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Michael Haneke”.
Instagram: @yun_hua_chen

Ahmed Shawky – Egypt

Ahmed Shawky Photo: © Private is a blogger and film critic. He studied pharmacology and media sciences, and since 2009 has been working primarily as an author in the areas of film and art, including as an independent critic at international and Arabic film festivals.
Twitter: @shawforlife
Instagram: @shawforlife

Philipp Bühler – Germany

Philipp Bühler Photo: © Private is a freelance film critic who has been reporting on the Berlinale since 2000, among other things for Berliner Zeitung. Having majored in history and English language and culture at university, he works for Germany’s Federal Agency for Civic Education and the film classics programme of the German Film Academy in the area of cinema education. He has also co-authored and edited a range of popular book series on cinema.

Andrea D’Addio – Italy

Andrea D'Addio Photo: © Private has been writing about film since 2002, reporting from major international festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Toronto and Marrakech for various Italian and German newspapers.

Shino Nagata – Japan

Shino Nagata Photo: © Guillaume Tauveron is an actress and translator. Having grown up in Germany and Austria, she studied German literature at the University of Tokyo until 2009, while at the same time training as an actress at the Bungakuza-Kenkyujo until 2010. She heads the “I.N.S.N.KIKAKU” group of actors she founded in 2012. She has also appeared in films such as Nacho Abad’s “El vuelo de la zarigüeya real” (2015) and Timo Behnke’s “Edamame”.

Julia Thurnau – Norway

Julia Thurnau Photo: © Private is a German-French actor. She studied visual arts at the Einar Granum School of Fine Art in Norway, as well as at Berlin University of the Arts, where she attended philosophy seminars under Byung-Chul Han and courses in academic and artistic writing. In film she is particularly interested in gender-related themes.
Twitter: @Julia_Thurnau

Dorota Chrobak – Poland

Dorota Chrobak Photo: © Private is a film journalist and a graduate of the University of Warsaw, where she took an interdisciplinary individual degree in humanities and social sciences. She has been writing (“Film”, “Sukces”) and talking (Radio PiN, “Kultura do kwadratu” for Polsat News 2) about film and culture in the widest sense for over 15 years.

Pablo López Barbero – Spain

Pablo López Barbero Photo: © Filiz Penzkofer is a journalist from Madrid who lives in Berlin. He studied journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he worked in a number of editorial teams until deciding in 2012 to move to the German capital, where he has lived ever since. His passions are cinema and audio-visual media. He currently works for the Deutsche Welle news desk and produces articles for a variety of publications.

Nathanael Smith – United Kingdom

Nathanael Smith Photo: © Rachael Gilfillan is a freelance film writer based in Edinburgh. He regularly reviews for BBC Radio Scotland, contributes to websites such as VODzilla and Think Theology and often writes for the Glasgow Film Theatre. His main passion is animation and he maintains that Hayao Miyazaki's canon is perfect.
Twitter: @NathanaelSmith

#Berlinaleblogger live


The 67th Berlinale is over, so what main impressions has it left on our Berlinale Bloggers? Three issues preoccupied all of them equally: the question of identity, reflections upon now and then, and a critical look at borders.


Berlinale 2017 – Der schönste und der schlechteste Film? © Goethe-Institut | Andrea D’Addio

The most beautiful and the worst film?

Andrea D’Addio met bloggers and visitors in front of the Berlinale Palast and asked them for the most beautiful as well as the worst film of this year’s festival.

Louis Hofmann, deutscher Shooting Star © Goethe-Institut | Andrea D’Addio

Louis Hofmann Shooting Star

Der 19jährige Deutsche Louis Hofmann ist der jüngste der European Shootings Stars der diesjährigen Berlinale. Der Film „Unter dem Sand“, in dem er einen jungen Kriegsgefangenen spielt, ist als bester ausländischer Film für die Oscars nominiert.

Berlinale 2017: Videointerview mit Alessandro Borghi © Goethe-Institut | Andrea D’Addio

Alessandro Borghi bei der Berlinale

Italian next-gen filmstar Alessandro Borghi has gained fame thanks to his leading roles in "Suburra" and "Non essere cattivo" ("Don't Be Bad"). At the Berlinale he ranks among the 10 European Shooting Stars.

Berlinale 2017

Our blogger Andrea D’Addio has interviewed Berlinale visitors: What do film viewers think of the festival? And of Berlin? Where do they come from? What film did they see for their first visit to the cinema?

Berlinale Talents 2017

We also support sound film reviews with the press programme Berlinale Talents - a joint project of Berlinale Talents, the Goethe-Institut and the international film critics association FIPRESCI.