Berlinale-Blogger 2017 "Oh no, the director is playing the main role!"

Fra Balkongen
Photo: © Berlinale

Ole Giævers' second feature-length film fra Balkongen zooms, by means of Google Maps, from the Earth itself all the way to Grünerlokka and his own balcony accompanied by heroic music. His life represents the life of all people, he later says in a Q&A. 

He is so aware of the narcissism in his project that it amuses me. As far as I'm concerned, it succeeds: his film represents a small sample of my life with shocking accuracy, when I used to live in the artist's quarter of the city with a bald Norwegian author, who tried to blur the boundaries between fiction and reality in his work.

When speaking ironically, my Norwegian friends kindly raise their little fingers: a small sign to aid my understanding, being the humourless German that I am.

But I don't need a finger sign here. The world is large, the bald Ole is small and drinks tea on his balcony in the winter while typing on his MacBook. At 38 years of age, he is an insignificant fart in the millions of years the universe has existed. Ole is looking for his sense of self, and the meaning of his life on Earth. As I see him sitting there, I screech internally: "Oh no, the director is playing the main role!" Then I meet his family. And slowly start getting envious. A diary as a fictional film. Good idea! The deeper I look into Ole's private life, the more universal his statements become, and the more important his film seems to be. After all, this is a man talking about his feelings, and not just superficially.