Berlinale-Blogger 2017
When energy, thoughts and emotions flow

Photo: © Berlinale

Andres Veiel's documentary BEUYS shows the artist as a trailblazer and popstar among institutional critics. Unfortunately, the Fluxus movement with Yoko Ono, Valie Export or Marina Abramovic is not mentioned in the film.

Everything in Beuys' work revolves around the exchange of flowing energy. For this reason, he prefers to use materials which conduct or change, such as copper, wax, grease or honey. In Social Sculpture, a term coined by Beuys, energy, thoughts and emotions flow back and forth between him and the audience.
After successfully broadening the concept of art, Beuys tries to broaden the term politics. The notion of politics, as it is today, prevents real change. Even back then, he vehemently criticised our economic system and claimed in a 90-minute audio recording: another 2,425 days until the end of capitalism! He played a key role in founding the party Die Grünen (The Green Party), but his party comrades did not nominate him for election when they moved into the Bundestag. A bitter disappointment for the artist, whose art form was the exchange of ideas and creation of energy with a friction that was intended to change the world.
It's incredible to see how Joseph Beuys fills the entire hall at the Zoo Palast with positive energy, even 30 years after his death. When he shouts JAAAA on-screen in all kinds of situations before answering back or being provocative, everyone bursts out laughing.