Berlinale-Blogger 2017 Shivers down the spine

Spectator Berlinale
Photo: ©Berlinale

Berlinale. Not just 125 films by women and 399 by men, but several fringe events, including panels, meetings and conferences. 

In Realitycheck, Wissenschaft meets comedy, my alter ego, Claude, coaches the directors Esther Gronenborn and Cornelia Grünberg from Pro Quote Regie as Directors for a day. (Based on Diane Torr's Man for a day). We practise victory poses and our confidence fills the room. The audience is a storm of laughter.
A transparent, seemingly artistic foreign object between Cinemaxx and Arsenal: illuminated in many colours, this inflatable room hosts Germany's director guerrillas, who vehemently and intelligently support gender-fair film politics.
Then in the Academy of Arts, one of the biggest patriarchal bastions, as Bettina Boujo calls it, who presents the event in a most humorous manner along with Imogen Kimmel. The speech by director and author Jutta Brückner is so informative and brilliant that I am extremely happy to be able to read more on the PQR website. Maria Furtwängler sits in the audience and writes. I think Jutta Brückner should take on the role of managing the Berlinale.
Shivers run up and down my spine. The union represents more than 400 female directors. They will not give up until something changes. And I will help them! I feel historically celebratory as I set foot on the stage with my moustache and my two buddies.