Children of the world

Kinder der Welt ©Prix-Jeunesse

The film compilation "Children of the World" gives children from a refugee background an opportunity to encounter other cultures without language barriers.

The PRIX JEUNESSE foundation, in collaboration with Bayerischer Rundfunk, organises a bi-annual children's TV festival to select excellent television productions for child and adolescent audiences. A special PRIX JEUNESSE suitcase holds the best programmes of the last festival. This suitcase is an effective training tool that carries the festival's creative and challenging atmosphere worldwide. The Goethe-Institut is a close partner in organising and hosting suitcase and training workshops for children’s TV programme professionals and experts all over the world.

Video wird geladen

The idea for a special suitcase for migrant children originated during the migrant crisis in 2015. The “Children of the World” suitcase compiled by PRIX JEUNESSE with support from Goethe-Institut contains short quality programmes from many different countries.

How to rent a film
The films are largely without dialogue and are suitable for young audiences worldwide. The suitcase is available through the PRIX JEUNESSE foundation as well as through Goethe-Institut. Organisations or initiatives working with child refugees can borrow the suitcase free of charge for up to six weeks.

The aim of the project
The project “Children of the World” is also intended as an educational experience. While the films reflect different cultures from all over the world, the cinematic experience should be enhanced by supplementary activities. Short explanatory videos in Dari, Arabic, Kurdish, Tigrinya and German encourage active participation.