Shipment of 35mm-copies

Packaging 16mm films for shipment

The folding carton used for this purpose perfectly matches the dimensions of the Dancan film container. The shipping carton is pulled apart on two sides and folded open.
The bottom of the shipping carton closes.
Preparing the shipping carton and the 16mm copy.

Packaging 35mm films for shipment

Preparing the shipping carton (black) and the 35mm copy.
Top view

Same procedure for 16mm and 35mm films

The big advantage when using a small shipping container is that you need less filling material because there is less empty space inside.
Placing the copy in the shipping container.
Please fill the empty space around the 16mm can with newspaper or similar material to prevent damage to the can during transport.
The properly distributed filling material ensures that the Dancan container is not damaged even during a lengthy transport.
The shipping carton is closed.
The carton is sealed. In this case a packing machine was used.
A second packing strip is wrapped around the carton
The copy is labelled with the name of the sender, the film title and the destination address.
Alternatively, the shipping carton can be sealed with adhesive tape.
Please note! Please wrap enough tape around the shipping carton to ensure that it can definitely not come open during transport.
Side view
As described above, shipping carton is labelled with important data for the return shipment.