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“Unity in Diversity” has been the motto of the European Union since 2000. Europe and the European project stand for freedom, peace and solidarity among nations – and for a community based on tolerance and interest in one another on the part of many different cultures, traditions and languages, whose preservation is the responsibility of all. Nevertheless, current debates reveal that the project of a united Europe cannot be taken for granted. Can the European project prevail in the future? And how can policy and culture fill it with new life?

Artists and academics, publicists and protagonists from public life, will all take positions on Europe’s present and future – in background analyses, dialogues and visions. 

Short Stories

Eight European authors attempt a narrative exploration of the meaning of freedom for Europe. Their short stories reflect their different experiences and systemic influences.

Wishes for Europe


2017 is Europe’s super election year: elections have been or will be held in many countries – and the debates show that each election is also a vote on Europe itself. We have asked people in and outside of Europe: what do you wish for Europe in 2017? We sent their wishes out into the world under #mywishforeurope – on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

We present our twelve favourite wishes here at

#mywishforeurope - Mia and Ziena © Goethe-Institut Dänemark/Photo: Jessica Bernauer


Mia, 20, and Ziena, 19, from Copenhagen (Denmark):
We wish for more openness and less racism.

#mywishforeurope - Kathrin © Goethe-Institut/Photo: Britta Ringer


Kathrin, 23, from Riga (Latvia):
I wish that Europe keeps on consolidating and that people can continue to travel everywhere hassle-free. 

#mywishforeurope - Nikos © Goethe-Institut Athen/Photo: Philine Siantis


Nikos, 46, from Athens (Greece):
I wish for Europe more happy faces and less social injustice. 

#mywishforeurope - Ben © Goethe-Institut London/Photo: Sinah Grotefels

GI_London1 on Twitter

Ben, 20, from London (United Kingdom):
I wish for a greener future.

#mywishforeurope - Anabel © Goethe-Institut Schwäbisch Hall/Photo: Vanessa Albrich


Anabel, 34, from Argentina:
I wish the countries of the European Union would join forces to improve peace, progress and human rights.

#mywishforeurope - Jules © Goethe-Institut/Photo: Laura Schellhaas


Jules, 18, from Belgium:
I wish for a united Europe with the common goal of creating a world-wide environment of cooperation and love.

#mywishforeurope - Julio © Goethe-Institut Madrid/Photo: Davit Ruiz


Julio from Madrid (Spain):
I wish that all Europeans work hand in hand and support each other. It's better together. 

#mywishforeurope - Mary © Nicole Fryns


Mary, 73, from ​Glasgow (United Kingdom):
We need the strength and the wisdom to deal with any barriers to joy and peace.

#mywishforeurope - Claudia und Andreas © Goethe-Institut/Photo: Anne-Nikolin Hagemann

goethebloggt on Instagram

Claudia, 56 and Andreas, 62, from Munich (Germany):
We wish for peace with pepper: It’s fine to argue, but basically we should stick together.

#mywishforeurope - Sabrina © Alissa Rogg

goethebloggt on Instagram

Sabrina, 30, from Wellington (New Zealand):
My wish for Europe is that all European nations work actively to support the refugees rather than dumping it on other countries.

#mywishforeurope - Yunyun © Goethe-Institut Washington


Yunyun from Washington D.C. (USA):
Go EU! I wish more people learn different languages and communicate happily.

#mywishforeurope - Twan und Iza © Michel van Es

goetheinstitut_niederlande on Instagram

Twan, 20 (left), from Amsterdam (The Netherlands):
My wish for Europe is to get the youth more involved in the European politics.
Iza, 19 (right), from Amsterdam (The Netherlands):
I wish for a Europe for all of us.

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