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Family Matters

Family can be a blessing or a curse, joy or burden. Perceptions of the family are currently changing worldwide. Does a family consist of a man, a woman and a child? Two men or two women with children? Can a child have more than two parents? There is controversy in many countries about what a family is, including in Germany. The Goethe-Instituts abroad offer a platform for discussions, films and theatre on this issue.

lesbisches Paar mit Kinderwagenhttp://Illustration: Anne Lehmann
Surrogate mothersIllustration: Anne Lehmann
Ideal worldIllustration: Anne Lehmann


Worldwide projects

« kafala » (كفالة) © Goethe-Institut/Sabry Khaled

North Africa
Kafala: Danced interventions

Several Goethe-Instituts in Arabic-speaking countries are using a dance project to explore the family law concept of kafala. For women and children, kafala means custodianship, encompassing both a dimension of protection as well as control of the body.

Die Sprache des Körpers © Getty Images

How children physically express themselves

Amara Eckert, a therapist and professor of psychomotor learning, explains how to help children use their bodies for movement and games. She illustrates how physical expression as a whole enriches human expression and what movement, gestures and facial expressions tell us about the development of a child.