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Throughout the Reformation Year 2017, this site offers trendsetters and thought leaders a place to present their notions of change and innovation. What are the potentials and needs for current and future-oriented “reformations”?

Caught up in everyday cares, neither citizens nor government can initiate genuine social change. Social change can be brought about only on the basis of a new understanding of society. Its basic concepts and principles (rule of law, division of powers, freedom of the press, civil rights, and so on) must above all be made comprehensible in the people’s native language and internalized by them. Only in this way will they become effective guides for living together. For this reason, a constitution that contains these concepts and principles must be explained to the people in a generally understandable manner. I see this as the most important challenge for the social renewal of our country. If this fails to take place, the political system and the people will become increasingly alienated from one another, and the gap between the rich and the poor, the educated and the uneducated, will continue to grow.

Accordingly, I see the most important social mission of a publishing house in facing the challenges presented by the development of the country’s language. In our view, social development is inseparably bound up with the development of our mother tongue. This view has long been the foundation of our publishing work. As publishers, we seek ways in which to explain comprehensibly the basic concepts of a new social order. In our translation work we are confronted daily by the challenges attending this effort. The work can be done only by people who possess knowledge of foreign languages and a good education. Unfortunately, the state has shown no initiative in accomplishing this task. That is why we consider it our duty to devote ourselves to this work to the extent our means and skills allow. By so doing, we seek to contribute to progress and social development.


Enkhbat Rozoon is a businessman, publisher and political journalist. In articles, interviews and the organization of public events, he has championed the modernization of the Mongolian educational system and the strengthening of civil society and a public that is critical towards the political parties. After studying at the School of Graphics and Book Design in Leipzig (1978-1983), he worked at first for several years as a photographer for and director of the state photographic agency MonTsaMe. In 1996 he established the printing house Admon and became self-employed. In 2000 he founded the publishing house Monsudar and in 2005 the Internom chain of book shops. Monsudar is today Mongolia’s leading publisher of international fiction, dictionaries, children’s books and modern teaching materials. Internom is the country‘s largest bookshop chain.