Lucia Ronchetti

Lucia Ronchetti
Lucia Ronchetti | © Stefano Corso

Throughout the Reformation Year 2017, this site offers trendsetters and thought leaders a place to present their notions of change and innovation. What are the potentials and needs for current and future-oriented “reformations”?

One of the most desirable reforms in the sphere of music is that of contemporary music theatre as a means to rethink the current social scene and re-establish a two-way exchange between creative presence and a more involved audience.

Recent European productions have shown the potential, the innovative and planning drive this form of art has to offer: in fact, it does not only involve the composer, the team that conceived it and the performers, but also the audience, according to the forms of active participation.
Performances may take place in previously unused or abandoned spaces in the urban area, warehouses, hangars or archaeological or historical sites, spaces that acquire a new meaning and a theatrical value drawing from the specific strengths of the project.

Forced silence and solipsism have broken into our lives, the classical forms of political communication have deteriorated, it has become difficult to understand the social fabric and human relations have become commodified: in this context, the new music theatre can become a backdrop for rethinking and analysing the picture.
The re-found liveliness and potential of musical language inside the theatre re-positions Voice as the cornerstone: Voice, a primeval and pre-historical source of sound, plays a pivotal role in contemporary theatre. It is the object of extraordinary composition solutions for several schools and styles making it the ideal instrument to re-discover interpersonal communication through the forms of sound.
As a result, a new vision of widespread non-academic musical training is developing: training open to everyone based on active musical participation and on the co-existence of different musical styles and languages, so as to offer everyone the opportunity to actively take part in the performative project.



Born in Rome in 1963, Lucia Ronchetti is a composer. Her works comprehend music theatre, action concert pieces, choral operas and dramaturgy.