Paris Seine-Saint-Denis
Life in the Suburb

There’s the Paris of the île de la Cité, casting a spell over tourists from all over the world, and then there’s the opposite – the Paris that doesn’t exactly inspire dreams … However, if you think that the notorious tower blocks are only found in the suburbs, think again. They also exist outside the banlieues, far away from the familiar clichés. Welcome to the large housing estates of the 13th Parisian arrondissement.

The suburb, named for the famous La Salpêtrière hospital, is located east of the Seine, between the Boulevard Vincent-Auriol and the Boulevard des Gobelins – in the heart of Paris! Jarod, Levine and Dramane have spent their entire lives there, between high-rises and stunted palm trees – in an area where residents meet in neighbourhood community gardens that defy the onslaught of traffic. They have shaped their suburb themselves, a pleasant “city within the city”, and in doing so have learned to love it. Join us for a stroll through the neighbourhood!