Kübra Gümüşay

Kübra Gümüşay Photo: Mirza Odabaşı

The political scientist and journalist Kübra Gümüşay has actively intervened in the integration debate for some years now. She writes and speaks on feminism and on the Internet, on racism and on plural societies. In 2011, the Grimme-Institut nominated her blog ein fremdwörterbuch for the Online Award. Her name is strongly associated with the campaigns #SchauHin against everyday racism, #Ausnahmslos-Bündnis against sexual violence and racism, and #OrganisierteLiebe. Kübra Gümüşay’s column Das Tuch in German daily newspaper taz attracted a large readership and met with a big response. With eloquence and a passion for discourse, the activist fights for a culture of constructive debate online and offline.