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Nanjira Sambuli
A fair internet?

The image of a reality divided into an analog world of trams, afternoon coffee and postcards, on the one hand, and a digital world of ones and zeros, online shops and World of Warcraft gamers, on the other, is passé. 

Now that we’re surrounded by the Internet of things, if not before, i.e. of everyday objects fitted out with artificial intelligence, we need new images to explain our relationship to the Internet.

Net activist Nanjira Sambuli explains how age-old problems are reproduced on the Internet. But the Internet doesn’t work like a mere derivate function automatically replicating the sexism and colonial patterns we find in society: the changes wrought by the development of the Internet also provide the means with which to fundamentally change existing power structures.

Who gets to produce and consume knowledge? Who gets to edit texts and produce videos? Sambuli calls for radical change: for an end to inequality and for technologies that promote freedom, equality and diversity instead of inherited ideologies of oppression.