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Matching Portal

Together with the international NGO Artists at Risk, the Goethe-Institut pools offers from cultural institutions in Germany that offer residencies, grants or work stays and arranges these for refugee cultural professionals from Ukraine.
If no funds of their own are available, institutions can apply to the Goethe-Institut for financial grants for rent, production costs etc.

If you are an artist or cultural worker:

If you are an artist or cultural worker and have lived and worked in Ukraine in the past few years, apply here:

Application form Artists at Risk  

You will be redirected to the platform of Artists at Risk, the registering of your personal profile is done via the application form there.  
Once your application has been received, a German-Ukrainian team of curators from Artists at Risk and the Goethe-Institut will refer you to suitable support programs. The final selection is up to the institution offering the program. The team will contact you directly at short notice.

For cultural institutions that offer support programs:

Cultural institutions from Germany and countries and regions bordering Ukraine that are providing support offers for Ukrainian artists and cultural workers at risk can submit them to the placement office of Artists at Risk and Goethe-Institut (link below).

Possible formats for these offers include the following: residencies, work opportunities, studio space, accommodation. Artistic offers such as exhibitions, performances or other productions are also possible, the only condition being that they are linked to a stay of at least two months by the cultural worker in the institution.

Eligible offers are matched individually by Artists at Risk with suitable profiles of cultural workers; the offer is then financed by the Goethe-Institut.

For a successful funding, the following points must be covered by the host institution:

  • Accommodation for artists and cultural workers fleeing Ukraine (including travel expenses, if applicable).
  • A monthly living grant, with minimum rates determined by the country/city (see enclosed list)
  • Opportunities that allow artists to continue their artistic and cultural practice in the new environment, as well as finding new ways of establishing themselves in the local art scene on the longer term;
  • Production costs and support costs can also be covered by the funding.

All cultural institutions can apply for financial support for these offers. In particular, smaller institutions and structures that have no other financial support options are to be encouraged to also set up new offerings.

Funding is possible for a period of two months or more, the funding amount is 2,000€ per month and artist. The prerequisite is a registered legal form in Germany (or in one of the countries bordering Ukraine).

The application for funding is made upon registration of the offer and is possible on an ongoing basis until 01 November 2022. The funded project period cannot extend beyond 31.12.2022.

Please register your offer here:



Further advice and information is available at ukraine-hilfe@goethe.de.    

The placement of Ukrainian cultural practitioners in German cultural institutions is part of a broader package of measures that the Goethe-Institut is implementing this year - subject to approval by the Bundestag - with special funds from the supplementary budget for Ukraine. It aims in particular to expand protection programmes for vulnerable groups, artists, cultural actors and media professionals. To this end, the Goethe-Institut works closely with the Martin Roth Initiative, the international NGO Artists at Risk and other partners at home and abroad. Other programmes of the Goethe-Institut are designed to facilitate the arrival in Germany and to impart German language skills. For example, the Goethe-Institut provides further training for welcome (teachers) staff at German schools and for volunteers.

The matching portal is a partnership between the Goethe-Institut and the international NGO Artists at Risk (AR).