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Support for artists and cultural workers from Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has forced many people to leave their country. Cultural institutions in Germany and other European countries have set up aid programs for artists and cultural workers. These include, for example, residencies lasting several months, scholarships or work opportunities that facilitate the stay in the host countries.

Together with the organization Artists at Risk, the Goethe-Institut facilitates such offers of support for suitable artists and cultural practitioners from Ukraine. Artists at Risk is a European organisation that has over ten years of experience in providing support services to vulnerable artists.

If you are an artist or cultural worker:

If you are an artist or cultural worker and have lived and worked in Ukraine in the past few years, apply here:

Application form Artists at Risk  

You will be redirected to the platform of Artists at Risk, the registering of your personal profile is done via the application form there.  
Once your application has been received, a German-Ukrainian team of curators from Artists at Risk and the Goethe-Institut will refer you to suitable support programs. The final selection is up to the institution offering the program. The team will contact you directly at short notice.

For cultural institutions that want to support:

Cultural institutions from Germany that offer support for artists from Ukraine can submit their offers to the placement service of the Goethe-Institut and Artists at Risk.   

In addition, they have the possibility to apply for financial support for these offers. This funding is intended in particular for smaller institutions and structures that have no other financial support options. It is intended to cover production or accommodation costs.

Institutions can apply for a funding period from two to six months; the prerequisite is a registered legal entity in Germany. The funding application is made when registering the offer.

Please register your offer here:



Further advice and information is available at ukraine-hilfe@goethe.de.    

The matching of Ukrainian artists and cultural workers with German hosting institutions is a cooperation between the Goethe-Institut and Artists at Risk (AR), an international NGO. Supported by special funds from the Federal Foreign Office.