Book Discussions

  • Litrix showcases new German-language publications from the fields of fiction, non-fiction, and books for children and young people, selected on a regular basis by panels of experts. In association with this Litrix also offers a Translation Grant Program geared for several years at a time to a language chosen for special focus.
  • portal for awarded literacy Presents books and audio books awarded a literary price; with critiques, biografies ot the authors and information about the awards including links
  • Faust Kultur Although not a purely literary portal, the accuracy and high degree of informative content of the literary discussions speak for themselves.
  • “KrimiZEIT” list of the best works Every first Thursday of the month, 17 literary critics and mystery novel experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland present the ten mystery novels they most enjoyed. The “KrimiZeit” list of the best works in this genre is produced in collaboration with DIE ZEIT, ARTE and NordWestRadio.
  • Literatur im DeutschlandRadio Critiques, interviews, portraits
  • A portal for literary criticism with discussions of new works from the entire German-language cultural area. The reviews are distinguished by multi-faceted analysis and background information.
  • Forum of reviews featuring literature in German and other languages
  • Perlentaucher Critiques, book shows, literary contributions to German daily newspapers
  • Book review database about 3000 books and audio books
  • Spiegel - List of Bestsellers Ficion and Non-Fiction
  • Weblog: News from the German book and media market: books, audio books and CDs from the world of fiction, nonfiction and music
  • Words Without Borders - The Online Magazine for International Literature

Book Fairs

  • Frankfurt Book Fair The biggest and most important fair worldwide for the international book and media industry
  • Leipzig Book Fair Annual Book Fair including the reading festival “Leipzig liest” (Leipzig reads)

Institutions and Organisations

Literary Awards and Festivals

Translation Programmes

  • Ministry of Education, Art and Culture of the Republic of Austria The BMUKK provides grants for translators and promotes the translation and publication of fictional works by Austrian authors.
  • German Book Centres Abroad Overseas offices of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Offices in Bucharest, Peking, Moscow, Warsaw and New York.
  • German Literary Foundation, Darmstadt Supports German-language authors and German-language literature projects.
  • German Translators' Fund (registered association) The German Translators' Fund grants work, residence and travel scholarships. A work scholarship allows the recipient to work longer and more intensively on a text, while travel scholarships enable translators to undertake research for a particular book project, or give them the chance to refresh their linguistic and cultural knowledge of a country during the course of a two- to four-week stay. An independent jury of experts decides which applications to approve. Scholarship application guidelines can be downloaded from the homepage of the German Translators' Fund.
  • Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig Institute of literature afilated to Leipzig University. Study of literature (bachelor and master), focus on creative writing
  • The literary translators This refers to the Federation of German-Speaking Literary Translators, on whose homepage are to be found all scholarships granted to translators, arranged clearly and chronologically by deadline. There is also information about all the relevant continuing education seminars, while an additional list contains all German translation prizes.
  • Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium
    North Rhine Westphalia in Straelen
    (registered association)
    Translators who have already completed at least two extensive translations and have a contract with a publishing house for an ongoing translation project can apply for a residence scholarship in Straelen. Translators find optimal conditions for their work here: exchange with colleagues, a comprehensive library and an atmosphere of concentration.
  • Society for the Promotion of African, Asian and Latin American Literature (registered association) Since 1984, the "Society for the Promotion of African, Asian and Latin American Literature (registered association)" has been a central point of contact for the promotion of translations into German of fictional works from Africa, Asia and Latin America. The society aims to promote above all works by authors of which there are no or insufficient German translations, as well as works from countries whose literature is not sufficiently represented on the German-language book market. Only German and Swiss publishing houses can apply for grants towards such translations.
  • Culture Programme of the EU Within the framework of a programme of the EU project Culture there is a translation promotion programme targeted towards publishing houses. It should be noted that up to ten works to be translated in a particular category (fiction or the arts) must be grouped together in one project. All translations must be undertaken by native speakers of the target language (i.e. the language into which the text is to be translated).
  • The Literary Colloquium Berlin LCB The LCB is one of the longest-standing institutions of literature promotion in Germany. The LCB offers regular workshops and summer academies where translators can obtain advanced training.
  • Pro Helvetia The Swiss Cultural Foundation promotes fictional works by Swiss authors as well as books dealing with a Swiss cultural theme.

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