Funded Translations
Books First

A selection of supported books: The Fox and Dr. Shimamura / Portrait of the Manager as a Young Author / The Club All rights reserved.

The translation of the following books is supported by BOOKS FIRST:

Bär, Anke: Wilhelms Reise. Eine Auswanderergeschichte - Wilhelm’s Journey, NordSüd Verlag, translated by Angelika Schmidt-Lange, anticipated release: September 2019.

Fricke, Lucy: Töchter - Daughters, V&Q Books, translated by Sinéad Crowe, anticipated release: October 2020.

Hoffmann, Sandra: Paula, V&Q Books, translated by Katy Derbyshire, anticipated release: October 2020.

Melle, Thomas: Die Welt im RückenThe World at your Back, Biblioasis, translated by Luise von Flotow, anticipated release: April 2020.

Meyer, Clemens: Die stillen Trabanten -  (English title to be announced), Fitzcarraldo Editions, translated by Katy Derbyshire, anticipated release: April 2020.

Ross, Mikael: Der Umfall - The Stroke, Fantagraphics Books, translated by Nika Knight, anticipated release: May 2020.

Schalansky, Judith: Verzeichnis einiger Verluste - (English title to be announced), MacLehose Press, translated by Jackie Smith, anticipated release: June 2020.

Schami, Rafik: Sophia oder der Anfang aller GeschichtenSophia: Or the Beginning of All Tales, Interlink Publishing, translated by Monique Arav und John Hannon, March 2018.
Schönthaler, Philipp: Porträt des Managers als junger Autor - Portrait of the Manager as a Young Author. On Storytelling, Business, and Literature, MIT Press, translated by Amanda DeMarco, October 2018.

Sommer, Anna: Das Unbekannte - The Unknown, Conundrum - Press, translated by Helge Dascher, anticipated release: September 2020.

Wörtche, Thomas (ed.): Berlin Noir, Akashic Books, translated by Lucy Jones, May 2019.

Wunnicke, Christine: Der Fuchs und Dr. Shimamura - The Fox and Dr. Shimamura, New Directions, translated by Philip Boehm, April 2019.

Würger, Takis: Der Club - The Club, Grove Atlantic, translated by Charlotte Collins, March 2019.

Publishers can apply here for financial support regarding the translation of German language books.