More German language literature in English

  • Litrix showcases new German-language publications from the fields of fiction, non-fiction, and books for children and young people, selected on a regular basis by panels of experts. In association with this Litrix also offers a Translation Grant Program geared for several years at a time to a language chosen for special focus.
  • New Books in German New Books in German features recommendations of the best new fiction and non-fiction titles from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. They publish articles and information on books, authors, and those who translate or work with them.
  • Book Blog: Literary Tastings Each month the Book Blog picks a book that has made waves in the UK recently and pairs it up with an equally wonderful German book with a similar feel. We hope we can whet your appetite!
  • Cherrypicker The blog Cherrypicker presents selected novels and non-fiction books, graphic novels and stories, audio books and music from the wealth of new German-language publications. Every week a new recommendation, every week an opportunity to discover outstanding texts, images and voices.
  • Deutsche Welle: 100 German Must-Reads Deutsche Welle presents a list of German language literature in English transation. The 100 books on the list offer a literary panorama of books published between 1906 and 2016 and are to be discovered in articles and videos.
  • Lyrikline This poetry platform presents collections of poems, read by the author. The focus language is German, but you can discover international poetry as well as translations in up to eight languages.
  • No Man's Land No Man’s Land features translations of poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction from the twenty-first and late twentieth centuries, drawing on the work of authors from the German-speaking countries of Europe ‒ and beyond.