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Podcasts around the world

The Goethe-Institut gets stuck in your ears and opens your eyes. Goethe-Instituts around the world produce podcasts on different topics and in different languages.  
Have fun listening! 


An illustration of a colorful soundblaster whose right loudspeaker evokes the association of a turntable. Under the tapedeck it says in large letters: Popcast. © Goethe-Institut

#Culture #Music #Germany

Rock, pop, hip-hop, electro: Every month begins with a foray across Germany's studios and clubs. Together with Zündfunk, the scene magazine of Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Goethe-Institut presents what's new off the charts.

Language: German

A white column is cut out on a green background, in which you can see the faces of two people who have been drawn and are talking to each other over a telephone. The title of the podcast is written between the two faces: "Radio D". © Goethe-Institut

#Language #Germany
Radio D

Learn more about Germany with "Radio D" - even without a teacher. An English-speaking presenter guides you through the language course and discusses structures and phrases of the German language with different conversation partners.

Language: German

White earphones lie on the surface of a desk. Above that, the title is written in black letters: “Kurz & Bündig Podcast”. © Colourbox

#Language #Politics #Germany
kurz & bündig

In each episode, "kurz & bündig" presents interesting word explanations or idioms. Exciting topics from politics, business and society in Germany for language level B2/C1.

Language: German

The picture is black and white. A man is sitting at a desk, in the background is a window front. A drawn rocket in black flies through the picture, directly above the man's head on the left. In the upper left corner is the word podcast in white with a grey background, in the lower left corner is written in white with a purple background Ankommen in der Berufswelt. Below that are numerous symbols in purple: a briefcase, a stethoscope, a book, a tool spanner and a pot. At the bottom right is the Goethe symbol in white. © Goethe-Institut

#Language #Career #Germany
Ankommen in der Berufswelt

“Ankommen in der Berufswelt" provides information about starting a career in Germany. Mehmet, Mariia, Tristan, Yichun and Nhung provide insights into their experiences.

Language: German

The outlines of the world time clock on Alexanderplatz in Berlin's Mitte district are depicted on a monochrome turquoise background. In the upper left corner you can see the Berlinale sign with the upright bear and next to it the lettering European Film Market efm. At the bottom of the picture, Industry Insights The EFM Podcast is printed in bold, all in white. © Goethe-Institut

#Culture #Film
Industry Insights

"Industry insights" is all about the entertainment industry. It is about current challenges and strategies of the film industry, such as the digitalization of business, diversity and inclusion as well as social, environmental and economic sustainability and the power of community building.

Language: English

The cover is pink, with a drawn spotlight in black on it. In the upper right corner is the logo of the Goethe-Institut, in the upper left corner the logo of Berlinale and the words Talents. At the bottom left is written Berlinale's House of Talents. All words and logos are white. © Goethe-Institut, Berlinale Talents

#Culture #Film
Berlinale's House of Talents

"Berlinale's House of Talents" immerses you in the world of the Berlinale. Learn more about the making of the magic we call cinema in inspiring conversations with internationally acclaimed filmmakers and artists from the Berlinale Talents archive.

Language English

The cover shows the profiles of two women, with brown and black hair, dark and light eyes. The heads are touching and looking directly into the camera, with the cut-out ending below the eyes and just above the hairline, only a quarter of each woman's face is visible. The logo of Deutschlandfunk Kultur can be seen at the top of the picture, and the logo of the Goethe-Institut in white in the lower left half of the picture. Illustration(detail): © Deutschlandradio

#Culture #Multilingualism #Diversity #Germany #Interculturality
Voice Versa – Zwei Sprachen, eine Story

The authors tell stories of multilingualism, diversity and identity and place languages such as Farsi or Arabic on an equal footing with German. A different way of listening, full of new nuances and perspectives.

Language: German, Farsi, Arabic, Vietnamese etc..

A square in bright rainbow colors, the title "the earth speaks" is written in lowercase, just like the project "beuys 2021, which you can see a little further down © beuys2021

#Culture #Art
Die Erde spricht

German and international scholars, authors, activists, DJs and artists from 14 countries will talk about the legacy of Joseph Beuys and what it means for their work.

Language: German, English

The cover is a collage of shapes, objects and elements from nature and art. The composition seems abstract and surreal; the word Timezones can be seen in large yellow glowing letters at the top centre of the picture. Illustration: Timezones - Cover Episode 2: Šabac, Belgrade and Zurich © Šejma Fere

#culture #Music

"Timezones" explores the multiple realities of artists and their practices around the world and questions what it means to live and work in the cultural and arts sector in different countries, cities, and contexts today.

Language: English

A laughing woman with long brown hair and a white long-sleeved shirt is standing in the middle of the picture, a blurred grey-blue background can be seen behind her. In the lower right corner of the picture is the Goethe logo in white, on the left are three circles in yellow, red and black. The largest of them is the red one, on which is written in white, Germany what goes? In the top right corner is the logo of the Alumni Portal.  © Goethe-Institut

#Culture #Germany
Germany, what goes?

A journey through six German cities, visiting exciting places and great projects. In 18 episodes, host Dana Newman explores typical city features in conversations with local reporters.

Language: German, English

Northwestern Europe

A dark green background, on it a light green guitar and a light green wave. In white letters it is written: Hiberno Goethe - German Irish Conversations. © Goethe-Institut

#Culture #Germany #Art #Society
Hiberno Goethe

"Hiberno Goethe" dives into the many facets of art, language and life between Ireland and Germany. What do musicians, dancers, artists and writers from both cultures take away from this intercutural exchange? For all listeners who like to cross borders.

Language: English

Talking Culture is written on the cover in white letters. The background is orange and there is an intricate pattern of dark blue and light blue.

#Culture #Europe #Art
Talking Culture

"Talking Culture" is a platform for thought-provoking discussions about the future of Europe, the UK and the world. Through fascinating interviews with thinkers from the arts and culture sector, this program explores how creative areas will change in the future.

Language: English

The cover is white. It says A Good European in black capital letters. Below that, the names of the narrators are listed. At the bottom of the picture is the note that the podcast is a project between the Goethe Institut and Freiraum. In the upper right half of the picture, a purple handbag dangles from a surveillance camera. © Goethe-Institut

#Culture #Literature #Europe
A Good European

In "A Good European," eight European authors explore the question of what freedom means in today's Europe.

Language: German, English

The cover is light blue. In the upper right half of the picture is the Goethe logo in black. In the middle is a drawing of a black microphone and below it, also in black capital letters, the word neighbour. © Goethe-Institut Denmark

#Culture #Germany

What's happening in the neighboring country? In "Nachbar" journalist and Germany expert Tom Kampman provides insights into German culture and society - from a Danish perspective and in Danish.

Language: Danish

The cover is white. In the upper right corner it says in dark blue: Sag's mir - Deutsch und Kultur. Only the word mir is written in white and highlighted in green. Three semicircles in light blue, light green and orange overlap, in the lower right corner is the Goethe logo in light green. Goethe-Institut London

#Language #Germany
Sag's mir

"Sag's mir" accompanies teens on a virtual internship week as they develop their professional skills, meet enthusiastic Germanists, and make friendships and professional connections.

Language: German

The cover is orange with a microphone in the centre of the picture. The Goethe logo is shown in white in the upper right-hand corner of the picture, and the words Tysklandspodden are written in white capital letters at the bottom of the picture. Foto: Goethe-Institut/ Kristina Brusa

#Culture #Germany #Politics #Society #Art

"Tysklandspodden" is Swedish for "the Germany podcast". It features writers, politicians, film directors and musicians who are in one way or another connected to Germany.

Language: Schwedish, German

Central Eastern Europe

The cover has a colour that ranges between orange and pink. In the middle is a pair of headphones in the same colour. Literatuur is written in purple in the centre, and the Goethe logo can be seen in white in the lower right corner. © GI Estland

#Culture #Literature

Literature for the ears - to listen to and be inspired: The Goethe-Institut Estonia presents reading series on German-language literature - novels, short stories, essays or even non-fiction

Language: Estonian

A blue square with a drawing in the Goethe CD colors of orange, purple, green and white. A picture screen shows a person sticking out of the screen. You can see a computer mouse, headphones and a sign for "speak".

#Culture #Education #Digitalization

Scholar Dr. Edit Morvai talks in "Kaleidoskop" to educators and experts about digital education and how it can shape the school of the future.

Language: Hungarian

The cover is dark blue. Nimiecka Do Kwadrat is written on it in poison-green capital letters. Behind it in light blue is the word Literatura, also in capital letters. The white Goethe logo is depicted directly below in the centre. © Goethe-Institut Krakau

#Culture #Literature
Deutsch Hoch Vier

"Deutsch Hoch Vier" disucsses new literary translations and German classics in Polish translation and discovers the hidden gems of the literary world.

Language: Polish

A green square, divided into three areas: At the top it says podcast, in the middle the word Wanderwörter is written per letter in colorful balls, at the bottom the logo of the Goethe-Institut. © Goethe-Institut

#Language #Interculturality

Learn more about words that cross borders and can change their meaning. With "Wanderwörter" you can learn German and experience intercultural surprises.

Language: German

On a school blackboard is written Deutschbaukasten, where the word is broken down into its three individual words and shown in a different color. In front of it are three wooden blocks with one letter © Goethe-Institut


With the "Deutsch Baukasten" you can learn German on the go in an entertaining way. It provides a package of learning materials. From A to Z each letter of the German alphabet is considered.

Language: German

Illustration for the podcast "Auf gleicher Welle" © Goethe-Institut Bulgaria

#Art #Music #Education #Commons
Auf gleicher Welle

The presenters Daniel Nenchev, Alexander Vladimirov, Ana Blagova and Ivan Dimitrov are on the lookout for current and important topics in their field and meet with artists, musicians, writers, translators and educators from Bulgaria and Germany.

Sprache: Bulgarian

Eastern Europe | Central Asia

#Culture #Literature #Digitalization #Germany
Goethe, рассуди

How (differently?) are the most diverse everyday things perceived in Russia and Germany? Moderators and guests negotiate a wide variety of topics, such as attitudes towards online shipping, start-ups, or comic culture.

Language: Russian, German

The cover is in dark purple-pink tones. In the upper left corner you can see a pink headphone, in the lower right corner there is a blue, bubbling test tube. In bright lettering, bar hopping is written once in blue, right below science is written in pink. The rest of the text is written in Cyrillic. © Goethe-Institut

#Culture #Substainability

In "Übermorgen – Ökologie und Kultur" presenter and environmental journalist Angelina Davydova addresses ecological issues at the heart of upcoming changes.

Language: Russian

Northern Afrcia | Middle East

Handicraft tools lie side by side The image is slightly colored purple. It says in white letters, Goethe Makercast, Coffee, Tech and DIYs with San3a Tech. On the bottom left is the Goethe logo, on the bottom right the San3atech logo, both in white. © Goethe-Institut Kairo

#Culture #Digitalization #Career
Goethe MakerCast

"Goethe MakerCast" and host Omar Elsafty invite you on a journey into the maker and startup world of Egypt. Get to know important and interesting players in the scene, learn more about current developments and opportunities in the region and be inspired to become active as a maker yourself.

Language: Arabic, English

The European flag as background with Europe as a white map above. To the left of the map of Europe is "Voices of Europe", and "season two". © Voices of Europe

#Culture #Politics #Europe
Voices of Europe

"Voices of Europe - Stimmen Europas" offers insights into debates on various aspects of the European Union, its policies in Europe and beyond, and EU-Israel relations in a changing global world.

Language: English, Hebrew

Southeastern Asia | Australia | New Zealand

A light green square, a blue lightning bolt and above it in red color is written "Supfrauen". © Goethe-Institut

#Culture #Feminism #Society

"Superfrauen" tells stories from the lives of inspiring women. Their paths through the world are exciting, athletic, clever or courageous - despite all their diversity, the women portrayed have one thing in common: they are role models.

Language: German

The cover is light blue, with a grey game console at the top left of the picture and a rocket shooting arrows at the bottom, both images slightly pixelated like in an old video game. In the front, Press Start is written in yellow capital letters.   © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

#Culture #Digitalization #Games #Career
Press Start

How can you develop an interesting game? How do you become a game developer and what steps do you need to have in mind to market a game? "Press Start" looks over the shoulders of various players in the games industry. 

Language: Indonesian

Eastern Asia

A drawing in the four Goethe CD colors green, orange, white and blue. The drawing shows the Goethe Institute in Beijing, which is housed in a former factory, you can see the roofs and windows typical of factory buildings in the last century, similar to the spinning mills and weaving mills in Germany, above is written “Teaahaus 798” in German and Chinese letters.

#Culture #Germany #China #Society
Teehaus 798

"Teehaus 798" is a multilingual podcast about China, Germany, culture and current affairs. The presenters drink tea while chatting with their guests.

Language: English

Subsaharan Africa

A blue square as a background in front of which you can see an abstract microphone drawn in black photo (detail) © Getty Images, design & logo @ Jeremiah Ikongio

#Culture #Art #Technology #Innovation
The Art and Tech Podcast

The "Art and Tech" podcast explores how the interplay of art and technology is shaping Nigeria's creative landscape. New inventions, such as the spray can or the synthesizer, provide the raw material for new forms of art.

Language: English

The orange square is the background for a design that looks like a keyhole, at the same time like a microphone and at the same time like an abstract baobab tree. © Goethe-Institut

#Culture #Exchange #Art #Literature #Society
Sous le Baobab

"Sous le Baobab'' is an intellectual, literary and artistic podcast born from a lack of opportunities for exchange of ideas and critical discussion in Ouagadougou.

Language: French

 green square that says "Goethe Stories" in white and in light green above and below it is the translation of Goethe Stories into nine different languages from Africa. © Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

#Culture #Art #Music #Inside Goethe-Institut #
Goethe Stories

"Goethe Stories" presents the work of the Goethe-Institut South Africa in interviews, music and columns. Each episode takes up a topic from the cultural work of the Institute.

Language: English

Logo Xam Sa Démb, Xam Sa Tey © Goethe-Institut Senegal

#Culture #History #Society
Xam Sa Démb, Xam Sa Tey

In this podcast, you will dive deep into the history of Senegal and get to know the protagonists of the past.

Language: French, Wolof

Illustration for the Podcast "Nachhaltigeit" © Goethe-Institut Abidjan

#Culture #Substainability #Society

17 goals that change the world: This is the subject of our podcast on sustainability, hosted by the author Edwige Dro and in exchange with Ivorian civil society actors.

Language: French

North America

A black square, a headphone drawn like a bridge under which is written, in the form of a head, "The Big Ponder". Illustration: © Nicole Hamam

#Culture #Germany #USA #History #Politics
The Big Ponder

The transatlantic podcast "The Big Ponder" focuses on cultural history and politics in the United States and Germany. Each week a topic from a German-American perspective is transformed into a compelling radio essay.

Language: English

The word "error" is broken down into its letters by writing the "F" single, the "E double, the "H triple, and so on. The individual letters look incorrect, but can still be read. Design: Tobias Schrank

#Culture #Society #History

How can we innovate and make progress? Our answer is: often through mistakes. This podcast is about the innovative power of the best misconceptions and failures.

Language: English

A collage of images from various decades on the subject of freedom of speech: Thomas Mann speaks in front of a microphone, people wearing masks to protect themselves from the Corona virus raise their arms, people speak into a megaphone. Above these fotos is written: 55 Voices for Demogracy - the Podcast. © VATMH

#Culture #Politics #Democracy
Voices for Democracy

How can democracy be renewed and defended today? How do states respond to new challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic or rising right-wing populism? "55 Voices of Democracy" searches for answers.

Language: English

South America

The green Goethe-Institut cover with a white painted headphone under which "Minuto Poesia" is written

#Culture #Literature #Poetry
Minuto Poesia

"Minuto Poesia" is a poetry reading podcast. In each episode a guest from the world of culture reads a poem of choice, in translation and sometimes in original German.

Language: Portugese, German

A stack of Polaroid photos, all monochrome colored, depicting children and adults, probably a family. The photos seem from a family album of the 70s. © La Vida de Nos

#Culture #Politics #Socienty

Almost 5 million Venezuelans have left their homeland due to the economic, political and humanitarian situation. What does migration mean to them? How does the transmission of knowledge take place and what are role models of the young generation? "Generaciones" brings representatives of those who have left into dialogue with those who have stayed.

Language: Spanish