Artworks thriving in obscurity: A tour of Munich’s street art

Munich has a lively street art scene. But it doesn’t reveal itself to everyone, it wants you to go out and find it. A walking tour of the spots with the most beautiful and imaginative graffiti in town.

Gemütliche beer gardens and chic shopping streets: many visitors come to Munich with this image of the city in mind. The Bavarian state capital has a reputation for being a fancy-schmancy town. At first sight, street art just wouldn’t fit in here. Munich, unlike, say, Berlin, looks spruced up and somehow tidy.

And yet graffiti, which accounts for a great deal of street art, has a long-standing tradition in the city on the Isar River, as artist/author Martin Arz found whilst researching for his anthology of Street Art in Munich: “It’s bizarre that everyone talks only about Berlin and Hamburg nowadays seeing as the origins of the German graffiti movement lie in Munich. The city’s squeaky-clean image is a distorted picture of the place.”

It’s worth taking a close look around in Munich: keep your eyes peeled whilst walking through the city and you’ll discover some fantastic street art. The following is a walking tour of Munich’s street art showcasing ten of the best graffiti spots in town.

The ten stops

Alter Schlachthof Brudermühlbrücke
Trafohaus Cats
Copy Paste Isar Fun I
Bavarian Lion Isar Fun II
Angel of Peace Kultfabrik grounds