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World Cup 2018
Now we are crossing our fingers for these teams!

Germany may be out, but the World Cup continues. Goethe.de talked to some German fans to discover which country they are now supporting.

  • Anna and her brother Jonathan: Spain! Photo (detail): © Ula Brunner

    Anna and her brother Jonathan: Spain!

    It was a real shame when Germany lost against South Korea. But it’s not such a big deal, as we won the World Cup last time, after all. Now we are crossing our fingers for Spain. Their team is playing really well. What is more, we are soon going on holiday to Mallorca – so we’ll be able to celebrate with the Spanish fans there.
  • Andrea, a business economist, and her husband Jörg, a lawyer: England and France! Photo (detail): © Ula Brunner

    Andrea, a business economist, and her husband Jörg, a lawyer: England and France!

    Our whole family was sad when Germany was kicked out, as we had got very caught up in the whole tournament. On the other hand, they deserved not to win, as they simply didn’t play well enough. Now we are both supporting England – a great team of young players, really good at passing, so I think they deserve to get through to the later stages. We also really like the country – its climate, palaces, gardens and of course London. Otherwise France is also an option. We love the team’s rallying cry: Allez les Bleus – come on you blues!
  • Anton, sixth form student: France! Photo (detail): © Private

    Anton, sixth form student: France!

    France is my team. While at secondary school, I spent a year abroad in the French overseas department of Réunion, where I found a true home from home for myself. I also think the French national team is great, with Antoine Griezmann and Blaise Matuidi at the helm: Allez les Bleus!
  • Edith, social education worker: Colombia and the rest of the world! Photo (detail): © Ula Brunner

    Edith, social education worker: Colombia and the rest of the world!>/h4>Germany is out – what a pity! But there are plenty of other great teams! I’m crossing my fingers for Colombia now because that’s where my wonderful Spanish teacher is from. I would also be happy to see a country win the title and the cup that hasn’t already done so. Colombia deserves to win for once. Then everyone there would have a reason to celebrate together, no matter what their political stance.

  • Leo, student: Mexico! Photo (detail): © Leo Lange

    Leo, student: Mexico!

    Now that Germany is out of the World Cup, I am supporting Mexico. I spent a month travelling around the country and know just how football-crazy the Mexicans are. As far as I know they have not won any of the major championships yet. Even if their chances of winning this World Cup may perhaps not be very high – I’d be glad to see them come out on top, just because they are so nice.
  • Kostas, pensioner: Croatia! Photo (detail): © Ula Brunner

    Kostas, pensioner: Croatia!

    I hope that the Croats do well. I have been really impressed by the team so far, and it has a number of very good players. I’m also a fan of Niko Kovač, who used to play for Croatia himself. The fact that Kovač is taking over this autumn as coach at FC Bayern Munich – my favourite team – is one more reason for me to pin my hopes on Croatia for this World Cup.
  • Irmi, secretary: Japan! Photo (detail): © Ula Brunner

    Irmi, secretary: Japan!

    I am crossing my fingers for Japan. My daughter Katharina and I feel close ties with this country. We took our first joint trip to Japan in 2015, and in the autumn she will be heading off for the foreseeable future to study in Tokyo. I am already looking forward to visiting her there. We found the Japanese to be very warm and helpful. I would be really delighted if they did well in the World Cup.
  • Jochen, biologist: Belgium Photo (detail): © Ula Brunner

    Jochen, biologist: Belgium

    I am supporting Belgium. The team has played excellently so far and the fans have been great. I could well imagine that they will play Portugal in the final. I also travel to Belgium quite often as it is not all that far from Cologne, where I live. Perhaps it sounds a bit silly, but I’m also a pretty big fan of Belgian specialities – especially chips, waffles and chocolate.
  • Suse, architect: Sweden! Photo (detail): © Ula Brunner

    Suse, architect: Sweden!

    My current favourite is Sweden after Iceland and Senegal were knocked out in the group stage. I would also be happy to see Denmark win because I grew up in Schleswig-Holstein, right on the Danish border, and know the country well. But actually we are big fans of Scandinavia, and I believe the Swedes are more likely to win the World Cup.