Electronic Music from Germany – Clubs


  • Berghain/Panoramabar One of the leading techno & house clubs in Germany, if not worldwide. Rough sound, rough ways
  • Cookies Contact Web site for the club hub on the corner of Friedrichstrasse and Unter den Linden.
  • Festsaal Kreuzberg Concerts and indie electronic club nights in a wonderful ambiance in the Skalitzer Strasse
  • Horst Krzbrg Good sound system, Kreuzberg charm and guests from outside the rabid tourist scene as well as consistent electronic booking make the Horst Kreuzberg a one-of-a-kind venue.
  • Ritter Butzke Insiders’ tip turned uncontested club institution in Kreuzberg.
  • Salon zur Wilden Renate A small, stuffy club with several dancefloors, urban living-room atmosphere, off-the-wall theme parties and good lineups
  • Tresor This legendary venue has found a new temple of techno in the imposing halls of the erstwhile Kreuzberg power station.
  • Watergate Superbly curated electro club right on the banks of the River Spree in Kreuzberg
  • Week12End Renowned DJ teams between electro and disco on the 12th floor overlooking Berlin’s famed Alexanderplatz, replete with rooftop club on the 15th floor


  • Zucker Club A fringe club opened in August 2007 for “subculture projects” ranging from acid to electro and punk


  • Showboxx A Dresden institution for quality electro nights and concerts.


  • Hotel Shanghai Official electronic club in Europe’s Capital of Culture 2010


  • Monza Centrally located bar/club/lounge with a vast electronic sound spectrum


  • Ego Tiny, minimalist club with ambitious DJ booking, not far from Hamburgs's Reeperbahn
  • Mojo A club institution on the Reeperbahn, a bastion of dancefloor jazz and a prime venue for all Balkanophile clubbers, also consistently open to electronic music and turntablism.
  • Pudel Legendary underground joint by the harbour steps
  • Tanzhalle St. Pauli The crew behind the legendary indie and electro club that once flourished on the fringes of the Reeperbahn are still actively involved in sporadic events in Hamburg!
  • Übel & Gefährlich Arguably the foremost and most illustrious concert and party club in Hamburg, located on the 4th floor of St. Pauli’s Hochbunker.


  • Feinkost Lampe Avant-garde “stereophony store” for regional and international electro projects


  • Kassablanca The main port of call in Thüringen for electronics and more


  • Mood Club Lounge and music club from Deephouse to Peter Kruder


  • Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Multi-faceted concert and party club in Ehrenfeld mixing global pop, indie and techno/dubstep/hip hop
  • Gewölbe Club A Cologne institution, re-opened in 2011 under the train tracks of the Westbahnhof, featuring high-calibre German and international DJs
  • PollerWiesen Legendary series of open-air events in and around Cologne. International DJ lineup specialising in techno and house
  • Stadtgarten & Studio 672 For 25 years now, the foremost venue for good concerts and club nights, in the heart of Cologne. Jazz, electronic and indie music. A hub of the c/o pop festival
  • Subway Snug cellar club with music ranging from electro-clash to hip-hop
  • Total Confusion Electro night affiliated to the crews of c/o pop and Kompakt, established 14 years ago, from 2012 now regularly held at various locations
  • Zum Scheuen Reh Trendy music bar at Westbahnhof with DJ booking and small-scale concerts



  • Das Zimmer Conveniently located electro hangout in the centre square, covering anything from Electro Trash to House to Baile Funk, plus international DJ gigs
  • Soho Cellar venue with a relaxed lounge for house, downbeats and electronica.


  • Atomic Café One of the leading venues for indie and electro concerts plus parties.
  • Harry Klein One of the best and most renowned electronic clubs in Munich, located since 2010 right at the Stachus square in central Munich.
  • Rote Sonne Masterfully curated concert and party club for punk, pop and techno, right at Maximiliansplatz.


  • Heaven Münster’s docklands have spawned a club complex for house and cognates at the town port.


  • Hirsch Multifunctional club, opened in 1995


  • Robert Johnson Dependably tasteful legendary club extolled by impresario/DJ legend Ata Mascias on the banks of the Main River in Offenbach.


  • Douala Progressive club address since the ’90s in the Upper Swabian countryside


  • Rocker33 Official indie to electro underground opened in 2005