Jazz from Germany – Selected Links

The links below refer to sites directly related to Jazz. For sites that cover several different genres, check out our list of general links to German music societies and institutions.

Institutions and Associations

  • Bavarian Jazz Institute Website run by the Bavarian Jazz Institute with archives and other customer services
  • Federal Association Jazz Independent association covering all aspects of jazz in Germany
  • Deutsche Jazz Föderation e.V German Jazz Federation
  • Jazz & World Partners Professional group in the Association of Independent Music Companies e.V.. Represents the interests of independent labels, festivals and the Federal Jazz Conference, among others.
  • Jazz Research Website for the Institute of Jazz Research at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz, one activity of which is publishing the series of articles “Studien zur Jazzforschung” (studies in jazz research)
  • Jazzinstitut Darmstadt - Wegweiser Jazz Website of the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt with a range of key information about all aspects of jazz in Germany
  • Kurt Edelhagen Archiv Information site run by the private Kurt Edelhagen Archive and the Jazz Institute of Schleswig-Holstein
  • German Jazz Union Website for the special interest group Union Deutscher Jazzmusiker (union of German jazz musicians)



  • Jazz clubs - JazzPages Overview of German jazz clubs
  • Aschaffenburg: Colos-Saal The Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg was opened in 1984, three to four concerts per week, modern, blues, world music in style
  • Berlin: A-Trane Berlin-based Jazzclub with a programme that usually changes every day and has been running since 1992, modern, contemporary, experimental and mainstream in style
  • Berlin: Quasimodo A Berlin jazz club that opened in 1975 with two to three live concerts per week, modern, mainstream, world music in style
  • Bielefeld: Bunker Ulmenwall Founded in 1996, around two to three jazz concerts per week, modern, contemporary, mainstream, world music in style
  • Darmstadt: Centralstation The Centralstation in Darmstadt is a multi-genre concert hall and club with around four jazz concerts per month, no specific style
  • Dortmund: Domicil Concert hall, club, lounge and art gallery all rolled into one: the central forum for contemporary jazz and current music in the Ruhr region
  • Dresden: Jazzclub Tonne A jazz club originally founded in 1981 and revived in 2000, with several concerts per week, modern, contemporary and mainstream in style
  • Hamburg: Jazzclub Birdland The Hamburg Jazzclub was opened in 1985, with several concerts per week, traditional, modern, mainstream and world music in style
  • Jazzclub Hannover Founded in 1966, several concerts per week, traditional, modern, mainstream, world music in style
  • Jazzkeller Frankfurt The oldest active jazz club in Germany, founded back in 1952, with several concerts each week, modern, contemporary, mainstream in style
  • Jazzstudio Nürnberg A jazz club founded in 1954 with several jazz concerts each week, modern, contemporary, mainstream and world music in style
  • Köln: Stadtgarten The Cologne Stadtgarten opened in 1978 and is a cultural centre with several jazz concerts per week, no specific genre
  • Mannheim: Alte Feuerwache The Alte Feuerwache was founded in 1981; several jazz concerts every week, modern, contemporary, mainstream and world music in style
  • München: Jazzclub Unterfahrt A jazz club established in Munich in 1978 with an international programme which changes on a daily basis, modern, experimental, world music in style
  • Neuburg: Birdland Jazzclub The Jazzclub in Neuburg/Donau, founded in 1958, with about six concerts per month, modern and experimental in style

Jazz education

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