Pop from Germany – Selected Links

The links below refer to sites directly related to Pop. For sites that cover several different genres, check out our list of general links to German music societies and institutions.

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  • Audiolith Indie electro chartbreakers Egotronic & Co’s label, Hamburg
  • Bear Family Specialists in re-releases of old pop
  • Buback The painter Daniel Richter was actively involved in this Hamburg label, which is home to the Goldene Zitronen, Deichkind et al.
  • Bureau B Hamburg re-issue label that did a lot for krautrock in particular
  • CitySlang Berlin flagship label of Christof Ellinghaus, who discovered Hole, Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire
  • Disko B One-of-a-kind Upstart and his outstanding label in Munich, which now publishes everything from FSK and ’90s techno to Schlachthof Bronx
  • Echokammer One-man label in Munich run by bustling Albert Pöschl, who is involved in virtually every release – featured artists include Queen Of Japan, Dis*ka, Kamerakino and Damenkapelle
  • Essay Recordings Shantel’s label in Frankfurt, which takes on every variety of global pop
  • Exploited Records Radio DJ Shir Khan’s Berlin dance label, which started with mashups and now puts out global pop
  • Four Music Set up by the Fantastische Vier, home to many (Stuttgart-based) rappers, now produces pop and electro too (Berlin)
  • Grand Hotel Van Cleef Label of Hamburg bands Tomte and Kettcar, devoted to German and international guitar pop
  • Hazelwood Wide-ranging Frankfurt/Leipzig label from Mannheim’s Mardi Gras.bb sound to Nuremberg/Hersbruck indie pop
  • Man Recordings Berlin label of ex-music journalist Daniel Haaksman, who put out the acclaimed Rio Baile Funk CD series with Brazilian bass sound, among other things, and now produces global pop
  • Monika Enterprise Started up by Berlin-based Gudrun Gut, ex-member of Neubauten and then Malaria, who has done a lot for new electronic music particularly by women musicians from all over the world
  • Nonplace Cologne’s all-round musician Burnt Friedman with his label, on which he releases mostly his own recordings, featuring Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit, among others, and spiced with elements of jazz and dub
  • Shitkatapult Label owned by T.Raumschmiere, the hardrocking electro smasher from Berlin
  • Staatsakt Die Türen singer Maurice Summen’s ambitious Berlin label puts out Ja Panik, Christiane Rösinger, Andreas Dorau et al.
  • Tapete Prolific Hamburg indie label, big on German-singing bands, lately puts out English/American/Swedish groups as well
  • Trikont Veteran Munich label with mostly German-singing artists in a wide range of genres, famed for compilations put together by international journalists and music fans
  • ZickZack Label started up by ex-music journalist Alfred Hilsberg, initially handled New Deutsche Welle

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