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Episode 18 – Hanoi

Episode 18 – Hanoi Artwork: © Šejma Fere A podcast by LinhHafornow in collaboration with tomes (Tobias Paramore)​​​​​​​

Nhung Nguyen, Ho Tram Anh, Hoang Thu Thuy

Field Recordings:
Palmer Keen (Aural Archipelago), Hoang Thu Thuy, LinhHafornow, tomes

Tiny Giant and Quách Thị Hồ (song “Hồng Hồng Tuyết Tuyết” at 15:00)

Hanoi Undercurrents

Episode 18 of the Timezones podcast series, co-initiated and co-produced by Norient and the Goethe-Institut. In this episode we travel to the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi and dive into its diverse sounds, noises, and artistic practices. We visit three female sound artists who talk about listening despite noise pollution, changing soundscapes through the past decades, how they collaborate with their peers, and how they cope with ongoing gender inequalities.

© Karrl

Bonus Material

Hanoi: Pausing from Change
moderated and produced by Elise Luong

A conversation between TIMEZONES episode producer LinhHafornow, production assistant Tomes and their biggest fan, art manager and writer Elise Luong. Hanoi is set to triple in population. Within its exploding economy and suffocating density, musicians and sound artists struggle to find a sense of space. Hanoi is seductive, with roads that curve around ancient trees, bodies of water that offer respite to toads and culinary delights of all kinds. But the ground shakes with the vibrations of jackhammers, and smog and concrete dust fill the air. We live packed together in each others’ spaces, watching the city hurl towards a consumerist future. With the arts and culture flailing at the periphery, Hanoi’s creatives are swooped up into the chaos. How do we hold onto the sonic worlds of the past? What do artists need as cities morph and expand, modifying possibilities of connection, isolation, and identity? What helps us to reflect?
Elise Luong © private Elise Luong was born and raised near Melbourne, Australia, and graduated with a BFA in photography and video arts from Belgium in 2009. After moving to Berlin, followed by Montreal and then Brussels, she settled in late 2016 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Professionally, Elise has moved through a diverse range of contemporary art fields, spending her first years focused on street art and graffiti, working for both commercial and public organizations. After publishing her first book, Street Art Today #1, she chose to widen her scope of curatorial practice to highlight “experience-based” art forms such as performance, contemporary dance, live/experimental music, and installations.

In 2012, when based in Brussels, she co-founded a non-profit organization called Undecided Productions, programming an array of public events, and working closely with artists to develop inclusive platforms for dissemination. The closing of Undecided’s gallery space HIDDEN opened doors for change, and since moving to Vietnam, Elise has focused on cultural exchange projects, such as founding and running the residency program live.make.share. Headed by Elise, Undecided Productions is now registered as Vietnam’s only international non-governmental organisation. As an art manager, she is concerned with the development of production and dissemination opportunities for young creators, particularly those whose work engages with the themes of ecology and gender. In parallel, she also works as a writer, editor, events manager, program curator, and communication designer.

Follow Elise on her websiteFacebook or Instagram.

Artistic Editor: Suvani Suri
Project Management: Hannes Liechti
Video Trailer: Karrl
Jingle Voiceover: Nana Akosua Hanson
Jingle Mix: Daniel Jakob
Mastering: Adi Flück, Centraldubs
Artwork: Šejma Fere
Copy Editing: Kathrin Hadeler​​​​​​​

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