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Episode 7 – Montréal

Episode 7 – Montréal Grafik: © Šejma Fere A podcast by Esther Bourdages

Adam Basanta
Mili Hong
Silvano Mercado Vilches
Joseph Sannicandro
Kimihiro Yasaka

Montréal, Your Ears Are My Island

Episode 7 of the Timezones podcast series, co-initiated and co-produced by Norient and the Goethe-Institut. This episode portrays the diverse music scenes of Montréal. Producer Esther Bourdages traces their global connections and historical roots.

The interviews capture the challenges of being a musician in Montréal, a hip, bohemian international city, highlighting new shifts and new transitions that are slowly cropping up as effects of gentrification.

Bonus Material

Artists on Real Estate Monsters and Montréal
moderated and produced by Stefan Christoff

In this bonus talk, we hear the producer of the Timezones Tiohtià:ke / Montréal podcast, sound artist, curator and radio host Esther Bourdages, along with the voice of sound artist and academic Joseph Sannicandro. Stefan speaks with both artists about one of the major themes emerging from the main podcast episode: the struggle and debate around access to creative spaces within the urban environment in the context of gentrification and the growing pressures of real estate capital. How can artists survive, overcome, and resist gentrification?

Musically interwoven into this edition is a segment of the duet track “Orbiting Mercury in a Dream” by bonus talk moderator and producer Stefan Christoff (organ) and Joseph Sannicandro. The piece was released by Élan Vital, a label based in North Macedonia, on the album La lumière du soleil dans un semi sous-sol, the video was directed by Guillaume Vallée.

Stefan Christoff is a community radio host, musician, social activist, and student living in Tiohtià:ke / Montréal. Stefan hosts Free City Radio, a weekly podcast and radio program that airs in the city on CKUT 90.3fm, focusing on the intersections between social justice movements and the arts. As a community activist, Stefan has been deeply involved in migrant justice movements, challenging the violence of the Canadian state’s migration policies that attack the fundamental rights of asylum seekers, non-status people, and immigrants. Stefan has created many albums with artists both locally and internationally, including duet albums with Sam Shalabi, Lori Goldston and as part of Anarchist Mountains and Rêves sonores.


Artistic Editor: Svetlana Maraš​​​​​​​
Project Management: Hannes Liechti
Group Photos: Claudia Goulet-Blais
Jingle Voiceover: Nana Akosua Hanson
Jingle Mix: Daniel Jakob
Mastering: Adi Flück, Centraldubs
Artwork: Šejma Fere