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#03, 2022

Goethe-Institut Music Section Newsletter

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Dear Music Lovers,

This newsletter is to tell you about ways in which we are helping out Ukrainian artists and culture workers, our new website for cultural funding and some special Goethe-Institut music projects. We’d also like to announce the next instalment of the BR-KLASSIK radio series Basar – Dialogue of Cultures – Current Goethe-Institut Projects on 2 July 2022.

So enjoy the Newsletter!
Your Goethe-Institut Music Division

Open Calls

Illustration zur Website "Ukraine-Hilfe"
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Placement of Artists

Funding for Ukrainian Art and Culture Professionals

The Goethe-Institut has joined forces with the organization Artists at Risk to find residencies, scholarships and jobs for several months for Ukrainian professionals in culture and the arts. Go to goethe.de to find out how artists can apply and what other funding opportunities are available for supporting cultural institutions in Germany.

Kulturförderungen des Goethe-Instituts
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New Website

Goethe-Institut Cultural Funding

Project grants, scholarships, prizes and fellowships – we have recently put all the opportunities for Goethe-Institut cultural funding together in a new, clearly and practically organized funding finder. You can use the filter function to select for music funding.

Cultural Funding

Goethe projects

Unrest 62/22

Goethe-Institut Tokyo’s 60th Anniversary

Unrest 62|22: Grenzfrequenz & Telemusicking

As part of the unrest 62|22 series to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut Tokyo, a creative musical encounter took place in late May: bidirectional electronic live concerts were held at the OAG-Haus in Tokyo and the Japanese-German Center in Berlin. Telemusik, a 1966 electronic composition by Karlheinz Stockhausen, was played first in Tokyo, then streamed to Berlin: the musical material was sent back and forth as a mutual source of modulation and fused into a shared piece of music in an experimental finale. The concerts were planned and curated by the Teichmann Brothers and Makoto Oshiro to serve as a new interpretation of the electronic music scene of the 1960s, when the Goethe-Institut Tokyo was founded.

Goethe-Institut Tokyo’s 60th Anniversary (in German)
You(Th) Can Sing!
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Musical Youth Exchange

EU-Projekt You(Th) Can Sing!

Music as a language of understanding, overcoming prejudices and exchange on the subject of European values: In this spirit, an EU project called You(th) can sing! seeks to promote a trilateral youth exchange between members of the Egyptian PASCH Choir with their partner choir at the Wolfratshausen Music School in Germany and the Hermann Sudermann Gymnasium choir in Klaipeda, Lithuania. After the final concert of this first youth exchange in Germany in early June, the music project will be continued in Cairo in 2023.

You(th) can sing! (In German)