Meiningen International Hans von Bülow Piano Competition

Bülow Piano Competition - Logo © Bülow Society The Bülow Society in Meiningen, Germany, began holding this four-part competition in 2012, with one module each for children and teenagers, dedicated amateur pianists, and young professional musicians up to 32 years old. The fourth module is is a separate competition, probably one of a kind in Germany, in the category “Conducting from the piano”.

Conducting from the piano

presumably 2021 (competition held every three years)

Prize Money

1st prize: € 400 (juniors) to € 2.500 (professionals)
2nd prize: € 200 (juniors) to € 1.000 (professionals)
3rd prize: € 100 (juniors and amateurs only)
Plus other prizes

Application deadline

International Hans von Bülow Piano Competition