Düren, North Rhine-Westphalia
Heinrich Böll-Haus Langenbroich

Heinrich-Böll-Haus Langenbroich
© Heinrich-Böll-Haus Langenbroich

Artists from politically repressed and economically disadvantaged countries are given an opportunity to carry out their work away from state control and economic pressure at the Heinrich Böll-Haus Langenbroich. The Haus Langenbroich, which the Böll family acquired and inhabited in the 60s, was converted in 1989 to provide three flats and a studio apartment. The scholarship is usually awarded to authors, but also to painters and composers. The artists’ work is promoted through readings, discussion evenings, seminars and exhibitions, and given public exposure.

Composition, literature (also available for playwrights) and fine arts



  • Rent-free accommodation
  • Allowance of 950 Euro per month (service charges of 40 Euro deductible)
  • Health insurance and travel expenses are paid
  • 4 months
Application guidelines:
  • Priority is given to artists from countries where working conditions are politically and economically difficult
  • No application deadlines
  • Admissions jury meeting twice per year
  • Current call for applications and application documents on the website