Essen, North Rhine Westphalia
PACT Zollverein

The year-round residency program for the development of artistic projects and productions, in which artists from all over the world have been participating since 2002, is open to professional artists from Germany and abroad who work in the fields of dance, performance, media art, video art or sound art. In conjunction with the other work areas of the stage and platform, the Künstlerhaus under the roof of the former Waschkaue spawns a fruitful exchange of theoretical and practical work: autonomous discussion, development and rehearsal in its own studio; If required, the resident is also always provided with production support in the areas of dramaturgy, technology, project management and press and public relations.

Field: Dance, performance, media art, video art or sound art



  • Work studio (from 63 to 173 sqm)
  • Accommodation (max 5 persons)
  • A weekly scholarship for all persons involved in the project (maximum group size 5 people)
  • Travel expenses for the one-time arrival and departure (by arrangement)
  • Provision of technical equipment (after consultation and availability)
  • stage technical samples with technical support (after consultation and availability)

Duration: 5 months

Application guidelines:
The residencies are selected twice a year by an international jury. Online application on the website