Musicboard Berlin

The Musicboard Berlin GmbH funds innovative ideas based on a realistic concept. There are no defined topics but rather common purposes the funding authority and the funding recipient try to achieve together. The Musicboard Berlin GmbH provides scholarships and residencies to pop musicians who made Berlin their main place of residence and work. The applicants’ country of origin is irrelevant. Musicians who have already attracted attention through outstanding creative performance and professionalism are eligible for application. By funding of promising musicians the Musicboard Berlin GmbH supports the internationalisation of Berlin’s pop-cultural scene.

Field: popular music. A Musicboard scholarship is a personalised funding for a pop-musician/band for a limited period of time to realise a new musical idea or project, or to develop the artistic and creative abilities and professional skills (e.g. album or video production, website design, songwriting process, development of cooperations). For instance, this may be the case when working on a single subject, the preparation or implementation of projects or productions not being possible to realise without public funding. 

Musicboard Berlin GmbH
Postfach: 65 03 63
13303 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 280 467 67

Duration: A scholarship is limited to three, maximum six months.


  • The amount is not fixed and will be granted depending on each application and the decision of the jury. Previous funding volume of the scholarships: between 5,000 and 10,000 euros. Applicants have to hand in a financial plan justifying the requested amount.
  • During the scholarship period it is possible to work in Berlin or to go on a self-organised stay abroad. The applicant must state her or his desired place of work in the application.
  • HINTERHALT-scholarship: In cooperation with Deutsche Oper Berlin Musicboard will offer two domestic scholarships. The Scholarship contains the conception and composition of an evening within the AUS DEM HINTERHALT-series. More information on request.
Application guidelines:
  • applicant must work and live primarly in Berlin 
  • tendering takes place once a year, information can be found on the website