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S. Mahmoud Hosseini Zad

S. Mahmoud Hosseini Zad
Copyright: Goethe-Institut/Maik Schuck

S. Mahmoud Hosseini Zad received the Goethe Medal for his services and commitment as a cultural mediator par excellence in literature, theatre and film. He levels the way of words with discretion and sensitivity and enables cultural and personal encounters that awaken and intensify mutual understanding between people in Iran and in Germany, according to the conferment commission.

Hosseini Zad is the most significant Persian translator of contemporary German-language literature. Following studies in Germany in the late 1960s, he was a lecturer for German language and literature in Teheran. He translated Brecht as well as novels by Dürrenmatt into Persian. Since 2000, S. Mahmoud Hosseini Zad has mainly translated contemporary German literature. Due to his efforts in particular, authors such as Judith Hermann, lngo Schulze, Uwe Timm, Peter Stamm and Julia Franck are accessible to Iranian readers. Many of his translations have received prizes and have been published in multiple editions, which is extraordinary on the Iranian book market. In lectures and readings, he is also a conveyer of contemporary German-language films and plays.

In his laudatory speech, journalist and author Wolfgang Günter Lerch commended the translator’s “daring” to “pass on and adapt German literature to [his] own culture so that it remains authentic and conveys a valid impression.”