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Ágnes Heller

Ágnes Heller
Copyright: Goethe-Institut/Maik Schuck

The Goethe-Institut is awarding the Hungarian philosopher Ágnes Heller with the Goethe Medal for her life’s work, which encompasses over forty books. They reflect her own biography, which was powerfully shaped by the momentous history of the twentieth century: the barbarism of National Socialism – to which her father fell victim and she only narrowly escaped –, the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 as well as opposition among the intellectual circles of the “Budapest School.” In her writing, the favourite pupil of noteworthy Marxist literary historian György Lukács seeks out dialogue with the great philosophical forerunners Kant, Nietzsche, Aristotle, Shakespeare and Kierkegaard. The large number of her publications translated into German reflects the significance of her work for German-Hungarian cultural relations, going far beyond the field of philosophy.