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Fuad Rifka

Fuad Rifka
Copyright: Goethe-Institut/Maik Schuck

The Lebanese poet, philosopher and translator Fuad Rifka is receiving the Goethe Medal for his many translations of German poetry into Arabic. By translating Rilke, Hölderlin, Novalis, Hesse, Celan, Brecht and Goethe, he has made central works of German poetry accessible to the Arabic-speaking world, in many cases for the first time. In addition, his work as professor of philosophy at the Lebanese American University in Beirut has made him a mediator between the eastern and western intellectual worlds. Fuad Rifka wrote his doctoral thesis on Martin Heidegger and always placed German philosophers in the focus of this teaching. His encounters with German poetry and philosophy, which he once described as an “earthquake in his existence,” have always had an impact on his own poetry.