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Yurii Andrukhovych

Yurii Andrukhovych
Photo: Maik Schuck

Yurii Andrukhovych is considered one of the most important intellectual voices of Ukraine. As a writer, poet, essayist and translator, he is part of the critical, creative scene that reflects and advances civil society processes after the Maidan revolution. Andrukhovych is a staunch supporter of Ukraine on its way to Europe and makes efforts to bring about convergence between Western and Eastern Europe. Yurii Andrukhovych is closely linked to Germany due to several scholarship residencies. He held a visiting professorship at the Institute of Slavic Studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2014. He translates German poets such as Rainer Maria Rilke into Ukrainian, thus giving Ukrainian readers new access to the German classics. With his own writing, he introduced the German audience to the literary territory of his homeland. In her laudatory speech for Yurii Andrukhovych, the translator Sabine Stöhr described him and his fictional characters as “wanderers between worlds.” His work, according to Stöhr, who translated most of his work from Ukrainian into German, “is distinguished precisely by the fact that it celebrates diversity and questions cherished beliefs, both his own and that of others.” Three of his novels that were written and published during the 1990s have gained the greatest public responses: Rekreaciji (1992), Moscoviada (1993, German edition 2006) and Perverzion (1996, German edition 2011). His work has been translated and published around the world.