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Nimi Ravindran and Shiva Pathak from Sandbox Colective

Nimi Ravindran und Shiva Pathak vom Sandbox Colective
©Sandeep T K

Sandbox Collective was founded in 2013 by Nimi Ravindran and Shiva Pathak. They are not only involved in the cultural scene in India, but also collaborate with artists and arts organizations internationally. They are part of various transnational platforms for exchange of artistic works. They collaborate with the Goethe-Institut Bangalore on the Gender Bender festival, which presents contemporary artistic positions on gender, sexuality and justice. Nimi Ravindran, born in 1971, is a writer and theatre maker and formerly assistant editor of India Today, the country’s most prominent news magazine. She was core group member in the founding phase of Ranga Shankara in Bangalore, today one of the best-known theatres in India. She is a founding member of The Company Theatre Workspace near Mumbai-a laboratory for experimental, artistic work and dialogue and the festival director of The Kamshet Arts Festival held here biannually. She holds a senior fellowship in Theatre from the Ministry of Culture. Shiva Pathak, born in 1980, is an actor, producer and arts administrator based out of Bangalore. In her journey of over 15 years as arts administrator, she has worked with some of India’s leading arts organisations – Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Ranga Shankara and India Foundation for the Arts – before starting Sandbox Collective in 2013. Aside from Sandbox Collective, she also continues to spearhead independent arts projects. She is Director, Bhasha Centre for Performing Arts which works towards creating networks of arts professionals, aspirants and enthusiasts. She is Trustee, Toto Funds the Arts, an organization working to nurture and encourage young talent in India.
She is an Art Think South Asia Fellow 2016-17.

Award statement

Sandbox Collective, through its work, has constantly questioned the concept of identity, inclusiveness, diversity, and even access to the arts, and it is through their arts practice that they come closer to finding meaning to these unanswered questions. Their annual festival Gender Bender is a platform for creating safe spaces for art, activism, debate and dialogue. Through their work at Sandbox Collective and their personal lives, both Nimi and Shiva continue to take a stand against nationalist, religious and fundamentalist politics both in and outside of art circles. As artists and cultural catalysts, they continue their resistance against censorship and politics of hate, and advocate for a more free, compassionate and equal society.