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Berlin: Residency with silent green, FILM FIELD RESEARCH

Who: International artists, film makers, curators, researchers

Section: Film/ Cinema

Duration: 3 months

Goethe-Institut (Film, Television, Radio Division), in co-operation with Berlin-based independent arts centre silent green, is implementing an annual residency programme for FILM FIELD RESEARCH commencing in 2016.

For many years, current artistic practice in digital and analogue film technique has been inherently linked with film history. The seemingly endless aesthetic diversity of film today has revolutionised narrative and, even more so, documentary approaches in cinema as well as in the arts. Yet there is no institution concerned with researching, documenting and exhibiting this development both in theory and practice, and the familiar screening context still differentiates between cinema and art.

This is where the project FILM FIELD RESEARCH sets in. The aim is to create a centre for artistic film. Inspired by the existing Goethe-Institut collaboration with Arsenal Film and Video Art Institute in their annual summer school, activities might cover workshops, seminars, conferences as well as exhibition projects and other events to take place throughout the year.